Texas Governor. Greg Abbott spent hours at fundraiser after Uvalde shooting

AUSTIN (Texas) — Texas Governor. Greg Abbott claimed that he went to a fundraiser after the school shooting and let people know that he could not stay. However, a newspaper reported that Abbott was present for almost three hours.

The Dallas Morning News reported that campaign finance records and flight-tracking data show that Abbott arrived at Huntsville at four hours on May 52, just hours after Robb Elementary School was shot. He then drove about two miles to the home of a supporter. He didn’t leave the city until 7: 47 pm .

An 18-year-old shooter entered the school at 11: 33 a.m. that day but it was not till 12: 50 p.m. that law enforcement breached the classroom where he was holed up and killed him. Col. Steve McCraw, Texas Department of Public Safety Director has described the slow and chaotic response of law enforcement to the shooting as an “utter failure .”


McCraw stated that the attacker entered the school three minutes before the fire department arrived to put out the fire. The attack resulted in the deaths of 19 students and 2 teachers.

When asked by Uvalde’s news media about why the fundraising hadn’t been cancelled, Abbott said that he was in Abilene at the time of the attack.

“On my way back from Austin I made a stop and told people that I couldn’t stay there, that they needed me to get on the road to Austin,” Abbott stated. “And I wanted people to understand what had happened so I could get back to Austin to continue my collaboration and make sure all needs are being met in the Uvalde area .”

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Abilene is approximately 220miles northwest of Austin. Huntsville, however, is around 150miles east of the capital.

Renae Eze was the campaign spokesperson for Abbott. She said that Abbott was open about his actions that day. According to her, she spoke with U.S. President Joe Biden throughout May 24,. Alejandro Mayorkas (Homeland Security Secretary), law enforcement officers and staff.

” The governor went to Uvalde the day following the tragedy and met with local law enforcement officials,” she stated. “The description given by the governor of his actions that day are exact .”

The day following the shooting, Abbott was proud of what he called a quick response from law enforcement officers. He said that they “showed incredible courage in running towards gunfire” and later claimed that he was misled.

According to a campaign finance report, Abbott may have raised as much as $50,000 at the Huntsville fundraiser, the newspaper said.

Abbott is a Republican and faces Democratic opponent Beto Ol’Rourke on November.

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