Kristi Noem says Harris is not helping with border security

Republican Gov. Kristi Noem from South Dakota attacked Vice President Kamala Hariri over Friday’s southern border.

” I don’t know if she knows she’s in control, as I haven’t seen any activity from her,” Noem said to journalist Nicholas Ballasy. It’s unfortunate

President Joe Biden put Harris in charge to address the Mexican border crisis in March. Politicians and media have criticized Harris for her job. (RELATED: Kamala Harris Seems To Disappear Entirely Off The Map On Border Issues)


“I think what’s happening with the border is completely different than just illegal immigration,” Noem said. This is a threat to national security because there’s no secure border. When Arizona and Texas asked for help, I sent the National Guard. Actually, I was actually the first governor who sent National Guard. Most other governors responded with law enforcement but, because of the special situation down there, it’s literally a war zone .”

Noem stated that she advised nongovernmental organizations and nonprofits not to aid illegal entry to the United States but pointed out that the border problems didn’t only concern migrants. “It is the drug and human trafficking that are devastating to our state,” Noem stated. I have nine Native American tribes and they are sovereign states. Their lands are not under my authority. My tribal reservations are where most of the drug trafficking and drugs that is taking place in the Midwest go. There is very little law enforcement. It’s very poor and there are large open areas. We have some cartels in South Dakota, which are continuing to operate on reservation land. A lot of these drugs are passing through the area .” Noem and Harris. The Daily Caller News Foundation did not respond immediately to inquiries for comment.

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