Jan. 6th panel will share 20 transcripts

with Justice Department


The House January 6th committee will share 20 its transcripts of interviews with the Justice Department. Federal prosecutors are increasingly focused on the efforts of former President Donald Trump’s allies to reverse the election results.

An aide to the committee said the panel would share the 20 transcriptions, but had “no plans” to share any additional transcripts. The individual, who asked anonymity in order to discuss the confidential transaction.

The information sharing is happening after the Justice Department had in May rejected a request for transcripts from the committee. Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thomson, who was the chairman of the committee, said at the time that it was premature for them to share their work as the probe by the panel is still ongoing.

Since then the panel has been working to reach an agreement on the documents, as the department intensifies its investigations. A number of senior aides to Mike Pence appeared in front of a federal grand jury. Records were seized by prosecutors from records pertaining to a group that served as false electors for battleground states won and controlled by Joe Biden. Trump and his supporters pushed for the replacement of Biden’s elected officials with those who supported him, as they claimed that Biden had stolen his victory.

It is not clear if prosecutors will seek criminal charges against Trump who has denied any wrongdoing.

Attorney general Merrick Garland is under increasing pressure from Congress Democrats to file charges against the ex-president. He said that prosecutors would hold any person accountable, regardless of their position, if they break the law.

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In an interview this week with NBC News, Garland stated that the Justice Department will “bring to justice everyone who was criminally liable for interfering in the peaceful transfer power from one administration into another .”

The committee hasn’t said whether it intends to share its transcripts with either the Justice Department and the general public. Although the Jan. 6 panel did more than one ,000 interview, not all were formal transcribed.

Friday’s transcripts were not commented on by the Justice Department.

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