DHS did not file paperwork in 17% of the immigration cases. Study

Immigration judges toss one in six new cases of immigration because Homeland Security did not file the basic court summons, which is what was found to be incorrect — according to a study.

When illegal border jumpers have been captured, Customs and Border Protection will issue the migrant with a Notice of Appear. This is an immigration court summons. CBP will then file the NTA at the immigration court.

But CBP failed to file the form in nearly 17% of cases so far this fiscal year, according to data compiled by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University and released Friday.

Analysts stated that it was an astonishing bungle.

“DHS must prioritize cases to make sure that they are filed properly, that aliens have been served properly, and that the ICE lawyer is available to appear in court on the hearing date,” stated Andrew Arthur, a former Immigration Judge and currently a Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies. This is a sign of lack of interest by the Biden administration to actually enforce immigration laws .”

The Washington Times reached out to CBP in order for comments.

The new TRAC report is another evidence-based piece that shows how poorly the Biden administration has handled the unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border.

This week, the Times published a report on thousands of illegal immigrants being caught and freed without issuance of a NTA. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers were given the task of tracking down and serving paperwork to some of these illegal immigrants this spring.

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Out of more than 30,000 potential targets, roughly 600 were able to be served.

Officials blame the record number of people crossing the border on the slow processing by CBP. It can take several minutes to issue an NTA.

A migrant can be entered in deportation proceedings once an NTA has been issued and an immigration court date is scheduled. TRAC stated that CBP must upload the NTA to the court’s computer system prior to the first hearing.

TRAC stated that this is the final step.

TRAC stated that it used to be extremely rare for an NTA to not have been filed. In 2016, for example, just 11 cases out of 178,052 were dismissed because an NTA wasn’t filed.

This rose to approximately 1 in 40 cases. But the rate soared under the Biden administration, reaching more than 1 in 10 cases last year and now reaching 1 in 6 so far this fiscal year.

” This is a huge waste of time for the Court. TRAC stated that it is problematic for both the immigrant and their lawyer if the immigration judge dismisses the case because there has not been a filing with the Court.

Mr. Arthur stated that if an NTA is not provided, Homeland Security must re-serve the case with new paperwork and a new date.

This requires you to be able and willing to serve thousands. TRAC identified more than 47,000 cases in the first nine months of the current fiscal year alone.

Mr. Arthur stated that he expected Congress and Government Accountability Offices to be interested in this lapse.

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” The only remaining question is “Is this nonfeasance? Or malfeasance?” he stated.

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