DCCC Launches Seven-Figure Ad Campaign Targeting Hispanic Voters

House Democrats unveiled a 7-figure advertising buy targeted at Hispanic voters, by region. It used local dialects and accents.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched radio, digital and print advertisements that targeted Republicans and called them “MAGA extremists”. They urged voters to vote for Democrats and “Calmate!”

“Democrats are not going to take Latino voters as a given and this new investment will continue the DCCC’s cycle-long commitment court, build and expand Democrats’ relationship with the Latino electorate,” stated Mariafernanda Zacarias (DCCC senior advisor on Latino Engagement).

Ms. Zacarias said that these ads are coming at a time in which Republicans “lie and attempt to deceive voters.”

The radio advertisement begins with a woman complaining about back pain due to long work hours. A man then tells her she should vote for Democrats that offer solutions to rising costs.

” You could vote for Democrats. The man stated that these Republican extremists do not have a plan to assist us.

The woman responds that Democrats are out of touch. Her friend then points out that the “MAGA Republicans” only work for wealthy people .”

“Democrats understand firsthand how small price hikes can be devastating for working families such as ours. Unlike the Republicans, Democrats have solutions. !Calmate! “Calmate!”

The ads represent Democrats’ latest effort to reach Hispanic voters while Republicans increase their outreach efforts.

These ads form part of the $30million effort by DCCC to reach minority voters through its Building Our Base program, which aims to mobilize Black, Hispanic and Asian American voters.

The ads will feature actors who target local Hispanic populations. Actors speaking English, for example, will be able to speak with stronger Mexican accents if they are closer to Mexico’s Southern border.

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Actors may use “camioneta”, which refers to trucks that are more relatable to immigrants from Mexico and the first generation of Mexican Americans in Texas ads.

Both Democrats and Republicans were critical of the ads.

Jessica Cisneros is a Liberal challenger that narrowly lost against Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar’s primary campaign. She tweeted “There’s still enough time to rerecord” using a crying emoticon face.

Macarena Martnez, a Texas spokesperson for the Republican National Committee said that the advertisement “made my ears bleed .”

” “Hands down the worst political ads that I have ever heard,” said Ms. Martinez.

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