The Bushes’ Alma Mater teaches Kindergarteners that ‘Whites make it harder for Black People’

The Bushes’ Alma Mater teaches Kindergarteners that ‘Whites make it harder for Black People’

A school in Texas thinks its youngest students have a great deal of maturity for their age. That seems like a reasonable conclusion.

Also, Austin’s St. Andrew’s Episcopal School recently created a lesson plan to teach kindergarteners about race. The Libs Twitter account featured the photo.

From the March 10th foray into freedom:

Good morning, Sunflowers! Let’s talk about freedom. Is there a group of people who have more freedom than others? Let us share our opinions.

Such a question wouldn’t be asked to five-year olds long ago. The most likely option would have been to focus on dinosaurs. These days traditional topics like race unity and dinosaurs are not relevant.

Power dynamics for potty-trained children:

New York offers more voting rights than Texas.

Of course, that statement is true: If one place permits voting without identification, then it indeed offers more voting freedom than one that doesn’t.

The lesson also states that more money .”

is a better option.

And, in case your were curious:

Blacks have less, while white (peoples) have more.


Whites are more difficult for blacks.
Nonwhites are bossed around by whites.

The plan points out white people’s “threatening language .”

. @SASAustin taught kindergarteners that “whites make it harder for black people” and “white people boss POC around.”

They were also said to have been reading books about gender identity to five-year-olds, telling them that a doctor can guess a baby’s gender.

Full story:

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) July 28, 2022

Young minds are often burdened with this: Either they’re incapable or congenital jerks.

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These are transformational times.

But these are transformative times. I was at a Portland kindergarten Wednesday when it showed its children graphic cartoons showing penises, vaginas and white colonizers.

Useful also: People with vulvas and the violence of words and pronouns like “ze” or “zir .”

Back to St. Andrews, here’s Libs of TikTok:

A photo of the lesson plans that allegedly taught 5 year-olds the evils of being white was sent to Libs Of TikTok. A…The…parent also said that they recently found out that their kindergarten class was reading It Feels Good To Be Yourself. It is about gender identity, and other non-binary persons. Below is a page of the book. It states that “What a baby looks like at birth can give away their gender, but it’s not always accurate.” The book also shows how doctors sometimes “guess” the gender babies will be.

Parents expressed concern about lessons to school but were dismissed.

Parents voiced concern to the school about the lessons but were reportedly dismissed.

To be clear, St. Andrews school is not a slouch — past students include two of President George W. Bush’s daughters. What about tuition for kindergarten? That’s $26,870.

Assuming that St. Andrews doesn’t look all white these days it seems like even the most downtrodden people are in good health.

As relayed by Twitchy, following the lesson plan being exposed on social media, St. Andrews set its Twitter account to only be viewable by approved users.


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