Sheila Kuehl, LA County Supervisor: “Snowflake Weepies” Are Opponents to Forced Masking

Sheila Kuehl, Los Angeles County Supervisor mocked people who oppose forced masking over two years following the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. She called them “snowflake weepies”, and strangely claimed that asking someone to wear shoes at an establishment is less oppressive.

“You know, I’m particularly struck by kind of the blowback from a number, though not a really significant number, of sort of, you know, snowflake weepies about how oppressive it is to wear a mask,” she said during a meeting streamed July 26, attempting to argue that shoes are “more oppressive” to one’s feet than a mask is to one’s face.

” I don’t think they send me emails about shoes. They are more painful than wearing a face mask. She said that she does this for her health and to be able to go out with friends.

She said that she visited the Capitol back in “old days”, when protesters were demonstrating seat belts and helmets on motorcycles. “And they were just so fervent, frankly, just as negligent in recognition of the cost to the rest of society,” she continued.


LA County, despite threatening reenactment after it reached the threshold for a “high level” community, has now backed away from the planned mask mandate. This was determined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As Breitbart News reported, “local businesses protested loudly, and city governments in El Segundo, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, and Pasadena announced that they would not comply with any renewal of the mask mandates by the county.”

The county ultimately caved, though officials contended that it was because the hospitalization rate fell below the threshold of ten cases per 100,000 residents.

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The efficacy and safety of forced masking remains controversial, as Americans try to eradicate the Chinese coronavirus. Officials such as Dr. Anthony Fauci initially admitted that cloth and surgical masques were “not really efficient” even though they had been urging Americans to wear them for the past two years.

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