The AOC goes full clown-world in trying to connect gun manufacturers to the ‘White Supremacist Symbols’

On Wednesday the House Committee on Oversight and Reform held a hearing with gun manufacturers entitled “Examining The Practices and Profits Of Gun Manufacturers.” This was clearly a Democratic attempt to stigmatize gun makers. Although knives are used to kill many people, there is no concern about knife makers.

But if you include Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D.NY), who pretended she was being handcuffed in an arrest stunt, you can be sure that your presence will add significantly to the absurdity of the conversation. A Democratic NY senator slammed her for the performance, even though she was not present in her district.

AOC attempted to make the Daniel Defense company look racist by referring to an arbitrary tattoo that someone had in their ads. They claimed they “featuring a white supremacist symbol”. AOC consults another witness who says it is a white supremacist emblem.

Actress @AOC (D-Broadway) spends 6 minutes arguing gun manufacturers target “white supremacist” movements b/c of a tattoo she saw in an ad

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) July 27, 2022

It is difficult to even see the reference they are referring to, much less claim it to be “featured”. But it is a symbol of a valknut that has been associated with Odin’s mythology and Norse mythology.

Just because Sampson claimed it to be a symbol of white supremacy doesn’t mean it is. You can find the meaning of each symbol by simply doing a Google search.

— jessicalong (@kukalong) July 27, 2022

While the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) notes that some racists have used the symbol, they also note that other people who are not racist have used it as well, so they caution people from just jumping to the conclusion that it’s racist.

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But that is exactly what AOC did here. He was not only doing this to defame the random man in the photo and how many others by the attack but also defaming his gun company.

What does Daniel Defense have with Jan.6? AOC simply inserts a picture of the QAnon Shaman man in there. This has absolutely nothing to do Daniel Defense. After launching such an absurd attack against Daniel Defense, she refused to let him respond. In an apparent attempt to keep him quiet, she asks questions and then cuts off his conversation.

AOC keeps going on about Palmetto State Armory, a gun that she says is associated with Boogaloo Bois (who she describes as right-wing), and another flowery gun. I don’t know how you make that leap about the design on the gun, but Boogaloo are not “right-wing” — they’re anti-government people, and many of them stood with the BLM during the 2020 riots.

But that is where the Democrats are at this stage — it is clown-world style questioning. If they believe that someone is in opposition to their plans, they will defame them.

I have some questions regarding this photo of AOC. Some leftists believe she’s showing a white power symbol .”

— shannon (@srbfen1) July 27, 2022

She cannot argue with this, can she? We have been told by the left that this symbol is owned and used exclusively for white supremacists. She should explain it to us.

It isn’t an emblem of white power, but it’s where the mad are at.

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