Portland Schools five-year-olds learn from ‘People With Penises’ that their families are ‘LGBTQIA2S+.

Kindergarten is a lot different than it used to be, especially in Northwestern Oregon.

City Journal’s Christopher Rufo presented lessons on Wednesday from Portland Public Schools. The district provides information for kindergarteners about sex and body.

“Welcome scientists!” The slides start. The slides show a penis and the scrotum.


Most people who have these parts are men, but you can have any kind of body.

Per PS, same applies to “people with” vaginas.

Next are naked cartoons. There are two kinds of humans:

  • Person with a Penis, (circumcised and non -)
  • Person with a Vulva

Teachers can also receive guidance:

Use the words on the slides. It was clearly written and it is inclusive of all gender identities. To aid teachers in their language, the slides have a lot of text. The lesson was created by trans persons. This lesson can be used in kindergarten to third grade and it is developmentalally appropriate.

“Hello,” the illustrated name tag declares. “My name _____ and my pronouns _____ ” An illustrated tag announces, “Hello!”

Portland dispels the myth “Names cannot hurt me.”

If someone gives us their name, it is best to use it! That helps them feel safe…

And children may be right. Parents might not.

Only you know your gender. You are the only one who can understand you, even if others don’t. You can act or look any gender you want.

A book called Jacob’s New Dress is drawn.

[S]ometimes [what doctors and adults say] isn’t true! We can’t ask babies their gender since they aren’t able to talk.

Bottom line:

Any gender can have any body.

Children can express their feelings with “haircuts, clothes and makeup .”

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As for pronouns: “ze/zir”, in addition to the “ones that make up .”

,” is available.

Creating your own pronouns may be particularly important because of the creation of the binary sexual system by Caucasians. You might have thought that ancient books of non-white origin, such as the Bible, recognized a rule for men and women.


When white Europeans colonize other places, their ideas on gender and sexuality are brought with them. White settlers brought their own views about gender to the United States. This shift still affects how we talk and think about gender hundreds of years later.

To be precise:

Gender is Colonized. Since the beginning of time, gender and sexuality have existed. Over time, the words people use to define themselves has changed. While white colonizers attempted to eradicate many cultures (including what we might call “queer or trans” people), these cultures had already developed words. These words are also products of colonization. Different cultures, including those of Indigenous and Black cultures, have different views on gender and may use different words. This lesson centers on United States language of the past 20 years.

Portland offers third-graders pride flags and pride marches.

Everything Is Socially Constructed and Related!

  • Assigned sex
  • Gender identity
  • Gender expression
  • Sexuality

Straight,” Cisgender,” Heteronomative,” are all listed under “Dominant Cultural and Oppression .”

Pernicious power is addressed

Transphobia is the idea that cultures, systems, people, and beliefs that oppress anyone who isn’t cisgender. Transgender people are less likely to be granted privileges, while cisgender individuals have greater power and visibility in society. Transphobic ideas and acts can be malicious and intentional, or they could just happen unintentionally.

And for the socially conscious kiddos:

[Queer Culture] Still has oppression of BIPOC, the poor, the disabled and any other folx that are LGBTQIA+ OR another nondominant identities. Queer culture is racial, sexist, and classist. Currently, he is working for the liberation of ALL people.

It’s difficult for children to comprehend and is a radical departure from everything else that has existed up until now. Tiny tots used to learn counting and reading. Parents made decisions about haircuts and makeup. Five-year-olds weren’t familiar with genital-correct cartoons.

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The myth of stereotypes has been emphasized by the PPS. Tykes even get to solve problems:

Dong is a friend who wants to take ballet classes but worries about being teased by other children.

” There are many options to be either a boy or a girl,” the tutorial explains.

A few questions might be posed: Why is PPS teaching gender? Is it not meaningless to speak of girls and boys if “boy” or “girl” don’t have any meaning? There are so many different ways of being a girl or boy, why can’t there be “neither” and “both?”

It’s incredibly sophisticated. Hopefully, those still in the booger-eating era will be able to figure it all out.

Evidently they will have to:

You have LGBTQIA2S+

  • Friends
  • Classmates
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Teachers
  • Teammates

Every single person has queer or trans people in their life, whether or not they know it! Sometimes people you know aren’t yet out or haven’t spoken to you about your sexuality or gender.

It’s a brand new day indeed.


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