Joe Biden: Americans Are Complaining about Inflation. We Forgot to Send Them $8,000

President Joe Biden on Thursday reminded Americans suffering from inflation and high gas prices that he sent them a check for $8,000 in 2021.

” I know there’s a reason to feel down, but then I thought about it. “The first year that we had the rescue plan we were in able to send them an eight-grand check,” he stated. “I mean a check. There was much more .”

than this, by the way.

During a discussion with his economic advisors about the economy, the president talked about how he spent trillions in the Democrat-passed American Rescue Plan. His mention of the “$8,000 check” was likely a reference to the temporary expansion of the child tax credit provided to some families in 2021 until it expired this year.

Biden complained that Americans forgot what he did for them in 2021, even as he admitted it was “totally understandable.”

He pointed out that even for Americans making $120,00 a year, $8,000 dollars should have meant a lot to them.

” “That’s quite a sum, so it saved a lot people from getting thrown out their homes and renting housing. And a whole host of other things,” he stated.

Biden used his personal experience as a child growing up in middle-class homes to show that he understands what Americans are going through.

“It feels like whoa. But then again, the government didn’t give me a check for eight thousand dollars, among other benefits,” he stated.

“Does this make sense to everyone or just me?” He asked his advisors.

Treasury secretary Janet Yellen also agreed that the government’s trillions of dollars had boosted the economy despite high inflation.

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” We need to reduce inflation but also maintain the successes that this plan has achieved on the labour market,” she stated.

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