Japan Visits Taiwan for Rare Discussion on Conflict Preparations

Japan Visits Taiwan for Rare Discussion on Conflict Preparations

A high-ranking Japanese delegation visited Taiwan for discussions about potential conflicts, as Taiwan is under increasing military pressure from Beijing’s communist regime.

“We need to think ahead about what kind of situations could happen,” Shigeru Ishiba, lawmaker and former Japanese defense minister, said during a meeting with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on July 28. What kind of agreements and laws should we prepare for it, as well as what type of armed forces could we use to deal with the resulting problems .”


” We need to collaborate to achieve consensus on this before anything else could happen,” Ishiba stated at Taipei’s Presidential Office.

Ishiba led the bipartisan delegation of Japanese lawmakers who arrived in Taiwan on July 27 for a four-day visit. It was a four-day visit that focused on regional security.

The trip was made amid increasing tensions in the Taiwan Strait. Beijing continues to send warplanes near Taiwan on a daily basis over the past two-years, and has escalated military harassment.

The Chinese regime views the self-ruled island roughly 100 miles off the mainland as its own territory to be taken by force, if necessary.

Following news that Pelosi planned to travel to Taiwan, the regime threatened “forceful actions” against the United States of America and Taiwan.

The provocation by the regime also attracted attention from Japan, which dedicated significant space in this year’s defense plan to Taiwan.

Delighted to welcome former #Japan Minister of Defense @shigeruishiba & the members of the cross-party delegation to #Taiwan. We had productive talks today about regional security and how we can continue to work together for peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific. pic.twitter.com/pcakZRpMsR

— Cai Ying Wen Tsai Ing-wen (@iingwen) July 28, 2022

Taiwan Welcomes Japanese Visit

Tsai welcomed the Japanese legislators to his country. He expressed hope of strengthening ties with Japan in order to maintain regional security.

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” Defending Taiwan does not mean defending our sovereignty only,” stated Tsai. Tsai stated that Taiwan’s role as the primary line of defense for the first island chain is crucial to regional security.

The first island chain is located east of Asia. It consists of a series of islands that span the Japanese archipelago from Taiwan through Indonesia. This is crucial for international supply lines.

” We will continue to strengthen cooperation with Japan, and other democratic partner in order to jointly preserve peace and stability throughout the Indo-Pacific,” stated Tsai.

The group also met with Su Tseng Chang, President of Taiwan’s Executive Yuan and representatives from Taiwan’s Defense Ministry.

Ishiba was joined by Yasukazu Hayada (ex-Defense Minister) and Takayuki Shimzu (two other Japanese legislators), who all belong to a cross-party group for national security.

Ishiba stated that Japan has an obligation to the Indo-Pacific to foster regional security and economic development as well as the rule of the law.

” It cannot be just at the level or thought. One can’t just say words out loud.” he stated. Japan must assume concrete responsibilities for the Asia region .”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Dorothy Li works as a reporter at The Epoch Times, a newspaper based in Europe.

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