What is the Public Health Authority? Please dial

What is the Public Health Authority? Please dial


‘Live not by Lies ‘

Public health ‘Authority? Please

Top Covid expert Andy Slavitt loses sight of his knowledge when faced with monkeypox. This gay man disease is primarily transmitted by sex


I have observed the hypocrisy in public health officials regarding monkeypox in the space. This is the same hypocrisy that we witnessed in Covid’s early days with respect to Black Lives Matter protests. The first case required us all to abstain from all public gatherings, unless we were protesting police brutality towards blacks. In which case laws regarding public health were temporarily suspended in favor of a higher good. Similar to monkeypox the public health officials cannot shut down gay men’s bathhouses and speak poorly of them as spreading disease. They would already have shut down churches if monkeypox was spread by people going to church. Or at least, have launched a large campaign encouraging people to remain home Sunday mornings. What about stopping these orgies from happening? Are you a bigot or a racist?

Former Obama-Biden science advisor Andy Slavitt said on Twitter that the

was what he meant.

1 – The belief that monkeypox is caused by sexual activity and that it can be reduced is not true.

If this doesn’t make sense, try this:

— Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) July 24, 2022

This is an outright lie and a political one. Ben Sixsmith has at Andy Slavitt on this point. Excerpts:

It is clear by now that suffering has not been equally distributed. According to a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine, 98 per cent of infected people across 43 sites in 16 countries were gay or bisexual men. “Transmission was suspected to have occurred through sexual activity in 95 per cent of the persons with infection,” the authors state.

The argument has been made that gay and bisexual men might be likelier to get tested, and that might be true, but it is surely not this true. It is possible that monkeypox will spread through different means over the next months. This is the current situation.

I believe it is instructive to compare Mr Slavitt’s response to monkeypox with his prominent and influential responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. He took a proactive approach to stopping the spread of the disease. Mr Slavitt did not merely advise people to keep their distance from one another — he demanded the closure of schools, bars and churches. He told people not to have trips and holidays. He called upon them to avoid their families at Christmas (not just in 2020 but in 2021 as well).

Slavitt resented anyone who criticized or ignored regulations and guidelines. Indeed, it was a “murderously selfish” thing to do. In his book Preventable, he sighed:

The United States has evolved from a country that sacrificed on a broad scale for its ideals and lives of others to one where a few months of isolation and wearing a mask was too much to ask.

Is it not obvious that public health professionals lie about such things for political gain? Transgenderism is a prime example of this. Wes Yang has it right:

A pastor friend told me about a case that he is working on. In which parents are in an extremely liberal state, they watch their daughter being coached by the school to believe she’s transgender. The school called child protection services upon the parents when they objected. They are afraid to speak out now as the state could seize their child.

Take a look at the Mengele things that American health-care providers do to minors:

Kellyn Lakhardt, gender specialist at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California admits they have cut off the breasts of a 12-year-old girl for gender purposes.

They’ve also castrated 16-year-old boys and created fake vaginas for them. pic.twitter.com/59zE3tELTF

— Billboard Chris (@BillboardChris) July 25, 2022

This is evil. And this is what the US medical establishment is forcing on us. This is what the Biden administration has forced on us. This is what the media forces on us. We allow this to happen, not only to ourselves, but also to our families and children.

It’s not hard to see why Viktor Orban is so highly regarded. The main answer is because he is the only national leader in the West with the guts to fight this civilization-wrecking evil without apology. This is why I’m high on him if he goes for the presidency:

DeSantis: “Gender Affirming Care” Is A Euphemism For Castration And Sterilization https://t.co/30fv39Nove

— Christina Pushaw (@ChristinaPushaw) July 25, 2022

I don’t have time now to read anything other than books for my own current book project, but a friend recommended a new book called The Psychology of Totalitarianism for me — and not just because of Live Not By Lies (which, by the way, will be published in paperback on October 11). It contained information that could help me to understand modern disenchantment, he said. As it turned out, he was right. But, man, this book is a great one about the totalitarian moment. Matias Demet is a Belgian professor of clinical psychology and author.

The book (henceforth called TPOT), draws heavily from Hannah Arendt’s research on totalitarianism but also offers basic psychological explanations of how totalitarianism operates — in particular how people are willing to accept it. Although I’m almost done with the book, I still haven’t finished it. However, I do have one complaint. Desmet seems to not understand how this new totalitarianism, which isn’t dependent on state control, works. The state has conquered every normative institution in society and it works. It is absurd to force gender ideologies on people when the majority of the institutions in society do so already. Desmet writes:

Whenever a new object of fear arises in society, there is only one response and one defense in our current way of thinking: increased control. It is easy to forget that humans can only tolerate a limited amount of control. Fear leads to coercive controls, and more fear leads to even greater control. As such, society is subject to a vicious cycle that eventually leads to totalitarianism. This means that extreme government control ultimately results in the destruction of the physical and psychological integrity of humans.

Not just government control but also control by institutions under the control of an ideology.

What is most interesting in TPOT is Desmet’s analysis of the Covid crisis and its implications for totalitarian themes. After I have finished the book, I’ll do another post on TPOT. But, here, I’d like to discuss Desmet’s claim that public health officials have lost their credibility. This is due to the blind faith that people have in science and scientific authority. Desmet discusses the huge replication problem in scientific research and how scientists are manipulated by researchers who will falsify data and cut corners to get their preferred conclusions. Desmet continues:

As we will discuss more extensively in chapter 3, the most striking thing of all is that, in general, researchers themselves hardly realize that there is something wrong with their methodology. Most people mistake their scientific fiction as reality and take the numbers they produce for real. This is true for a significant portion of the population. They blindly believe this ideology and have no alternative ideological hideout, especially after the demise of religion. Many people consider graphs and numbers presented by someone who has credentials to be de facto reality. Hannah Arendt identifies this ideal subject as the totalitarian state. This is the person who doesn’t know the difference between pseudo-scientific fiction (pseudo), and real life. Never before were there so many such people as in the beginning of the twenty-first century; never before were the societal conditions so prone to totalitarianism. [Emphasis mine — RD]

See?! See?

Desmet believes that totalitarianism can only have emerged in modernity. This is because all existing social patterns and methods of identity formation were disrupted and people became more mechanical than organic. As a result, we became anxious about displacement and began to look for certainty in scientists, doctors, and engineers. He wrote:

The discourse surrounding the coronavirus crisis shows characteristics that are typical of the type of discourse that led to the emergence of the totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century: the excessive use of numbers and statistics that show a “radical contempt for the facts,” the blurring of the line between fact and fiction, and a fanatical ideological belief that justifies deception and manipulation and ultimately transgresses all ethical boundaries. These characteristics will be described in greater detail in Chapters 6 and 7. In chapters 6 and 7, we will discuss these characteristics in detail. But, first, let’s look at chapter 5. We consider social conditions that allow a society to hold on to the numerical illusion of security. The psychological inability of dealing with uncertainty and risks, which has existed in the society for many decades or even hundreds of years, is the logical result. We’ll see how the human tendency to flee into false security.

Desmet goes on:

The transition from a democracy to a totalitarian technocracy, in which the coronavirus crisis was a Great Leap forward, actually formed part of the logic of the mechanistic ideology from the very beginning. It is the mechanist who always has the final word in a mechanistic world. This is because of his mechanistic expertise.

This is an important point. This is an extremely important point. They will try to force us into submission, through Child Protective Services. Many people are scared to stand on the other side “the Science” or “the Experts”, even though they know these people can be filled with ideological claptrap and shouldn’t be believed.

Here’s another passage:

How exactly do these conditions lead to mass formation? A suggestion made in public space is the catalyst for mass formation. In the above circumstances, it is possible for a story to be spread in the mass media, which suggests an object of anxiousness, such as the Stalinist aristocracy, Nazi-era Jews, or the virus. It also offers a way to manage that object. There is a good chance that the anxiety that is free will become attached to the object, with broad support from the public. The psychological benefit is realized by this process. The story reveals that the cause of the anxiety, which had previously hung over society in a fog of tenebrousness, can now be linked with a particular cause. Second, the society that is disintegrating regains its energy and basic meaning through common struggles with “the enemy”. For this reason, the fight against the object of anxiety then becomes a mission, laden with pathos and group heroism (for example the Belgian government’s “team of 11 million” going to war against the coronavirus). In the third place, all anger and frustration that has been latent is eliminated, particularly on those who refuse to follow the story or form a mass. The masses feel a great sense of release and fulfillment, and they won’t let this go easily.

Do you see what I mean? You can see that the High Holy Month of Pride is all about mass formation and conditioning people to manage their free-floating anxieties about identity. They are the bigots and haters who refuse to believe the story and who have the blood of transgender persons on their hands. Pride Month is filled with the celebrations of the heroism and courage of all those who defeat the Enemy. Parents who are against their children’s colonization and propagandizing to the point where they want to cut their breasts and testicle off are mocked by their school boards and other authorities who feel proud of their efforts in fighting the Enemy.

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This is how we reach the place where one top-ranking public health expert in the country states that homosexual men cannot stop being promiscuous. Andy Slavitt won’t allow himself to think that way. These people will not. This is completely contrary to their Narrative, which gives them meaning and who they should hate. Covid, the BLM protests or riots were a manifestation of this same psychological-political dynamic.

If we let our children be taken by these ideologic monsters and continue to do nothing as the Science and Experts tell us, we will get disgraced by future generations because we have surrendered democracy to totalitarian technocrats. These are the loons that govern us. They are imposing their ideological ignorance on all of us. They are no longer legitimate. They are no longer credible. We shouldn’t follow their lead! They live by lies and expect us to follow their lead. I trust these people more now than I did during Covid.

Literally all of the guests at Kamala’s event are introducing themselves by saying their pronouns and what they are wearing.

Wtf lol. pic.twitter.com/8WCCPaHetu

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) July 26, 2022

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