What is the American fight for Europe’s wilful ignorance?

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Every Republican voting for Finland or Sweden in NATO should answer the question of why America should spend its blood, treasure and life to protect Europe’s left-wing order.

The Senate will vote whether to accept the bid of Finland and Sweden to join NATO as a response to Russia’s invasion in Ukraine.

Leave aside the fact Russia does not seem to be interested in Scandinavian territory, or even the ability to seize it. Every Republican in both the House of Representatives and the Senate has to show the American people the reasons more awake European countries should be granted the American security assurances that NATO’s Article 5, including the nuclear arsenal.

Last Monday, the House voted on a resolution in support of Finland and Sweden’s bid to join NATO. One hundred and seventy-six Republicans joined 218 Democrats to approve the resolution by a vote of 394 to 18.

The 18 no votes all came from Republican representatives: Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Dan Bishop (N.C.), Lauren Boebert (Colo.), Madison Cawthorn (N.C.), Ben Cline (Va.), Michael Cloud (Texas), Warren Davidson (Ohio), Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Bob Good (Va.), Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), Morgan Griffith (Va.), Thomas Massie (Ky.), Tom McClintock (Calif.), Mary Miller (Ill.), Ralph Norman (S.C.), Matt Rosendale (Mont. Chip Roy (Texas), Jefferson Van Drew (N.J.).

Seventeen additional Republicans and two Democrats voted against the resolution.

The morning after the July 18 vote to approve the resolution, Rep. Bishop took to Twitter to express his disappointment in the House for not considering the matter more seriously. Bishop posted, “Expanding NATO towards the Russian border is a serious issue and the House hasn’t given it careful consideration.” The resolution in support of membership was debated by the House for just over an hour without committee hearings. Is this the type of debate that this matter warrants ?”


Bishop’s July 19 thread continued:

Finland shares a 1,000-mile border with Russia. What is the point of NATO membership for Finland or Sweden now but not during the Cold War? How do we obtain the mutual war guarantee What do we get for the mutual war guarantee?

“Finland, Sweden and other countries are placing their own interests before those of the NATO. I can’t fault them. Bishop said, “But I’m here for Americans and not Europeans. I voted NO to this America Last resolution.”

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The Senate seems just as eager as the House to expand NATO. Before NATO went forward with inviting Finland and Sweden to join the alliance on June 29, a little more than a month after the two Scandinavian nations applied for NATO membership, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a resolution by voice vote that called on NATO to quickly accept the pair’s applications on June 9.

The day after the House vote, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the protocols to the North Atlantic Treaty of 1949 on the accession of the Republic of Finland and the Kingdom of Sweden. Only one senator on the 22-member committee, Kentucky Republican Rand Paul, did not vote yes. Paul requested to be marked present. The committee is now in the process of drafting a report that pairs with the resolution of ratification and protocols and will be sent to the Senate floor for a vote later this week.

The betting money claims that there will be more votes than required for the United States to approve NATO’s expansion in Finland and Sweden.

But Bishop was right. Despite the fact that American politicians might have lost their minds, they must answer to voters. Each of the 176 Republicans in the House, and who knows how many more in the Senate, must be forced to answer this question: Why should America’s blood and treasure be used to defend European wokeness?

In April 2021, three separate charges of incitement against a minority group were brought against Finnish M.P. Paivi Rasanen by Prosecutor General Raija Toiviainen. The charges stemmed from tweets Rasanen posted back in June 2019 against the state’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland decision to cosponsor the Helsinki LGBT Pride parade.

Rasanen was questioned by police after her tweets led to a 2-year investigation. Police questioned Rasanen for nearly four hours, and quizzed her on Paul’s epistle to the Romans, which she cited (Romans 1: 24-27) in an Instagram post to justify her stance that homosexuality is against Biblical teaching. Toiviainen, an investigator, determined Rasanen hadn’t committed any crime. Therefore, she reopened the investigation and brought up the criminal charges which were heard by the Helsinki District Court.

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On the first day of Rasanen’s trial, Jan. 24, 2022, the court reviewed various passages from the Bible and assumed an authority over the Bible’s teachings on sexuality that would make the pope blush. Gay marriage had only been legalized in Finland in 2017, but already the state was determining whether or not LGBT rights necessitated the suppression of traditional Christian values, or at least their replacement with more liberal alternatives.

The court found Rasanen not guilty on March 30, but prosecutors are in the process of appealing the decision.

Sweden is also awake. Wokeism started gaining momentum in Sweden during the 2015 Syrian refugee crisis. This Scandinavian country of approximately ten million people was one of Europe’s largest recipients per capita in refugee or migrant flows.

Malcom Kyeyune, a columnist for Compact magazine based in Sweden, wrote about Sweden’s woke revolution in UnHerd. Kyeyune stated that the death of Alan Kurdi from Syria and the publication of an image showing his corpse washed up on a Turkish shoreline, helped to ignite a humanitarian fire within the Swedish society. The result was increasing anger and polarisation directed against selfish and ‘backsliding” Swedes that took a different stance on refugees. These people were either too prejudiced, too rigid, or too interested in themselves to listen to the humanitarian call .”


He continued:

The tumultuousness of Sweden during these revolutionary years comes down to the refugee issue. All the familiar features of the social panic that were a regular part of daily life in those years such as the public shunning of people because of their political differences, doublespeak to keep them from being victims of social abuse and suppression of historical facts in favor of creating a political “Year Zero” can be attributed to an excessive amount of humanitarian enthusiasm.

While Kyeyune claims that the pace of the woke movement slowed down as high-level migration problems became more obvious to Swedes, it appears more likely that the wokers shifted their attention to LGBT rights.

As the frenzy over Syrian refugees settled down in 2017, the Church of Sweden, Europe’s largest Lutheran denomination and former state church, boasted about changes implemented by its board to remove gendered references to the Father, substituting “God” for “Lord” and “He.”

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Two years later, Church of Sweden published a “survival manual for Christian queer children.” The brochure is littered with heresies. The brochure is littered with heresies.

Then the Church of Sweden published a letter, titled “Personal Letter to You Who are Trans,” on the Vasteras diocese’s official website, signed by numerous church officials:

We write to you from a church that is also trans. The church is made of people. People are different. There are many people who identify themselves as trans. Also, the church is made up of trans persons. The church can therefore be classified as trans.

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Furthermore, in December of 2018, one of the Church of Sweden’s parishes tweeted that climate-change activist Greta Thunberg was a successor of Jesus Christ. “Announcement! Jesus of Nazareth has now appointed one of his successors, Greta Thunberg”, the Church of Limhamn tweeted on December 1, 2018.

It seems that the conservative Republican strategy is for the West to be under the nuclear umbrella, while the West’s wokeness will destroy ita civilization. NATO’s addition of Finland and Sweden ensures that they can decide one day whether their churches will be gay or not. It also allows prosecutors to go on witch hunts to find those who believe in the traditional family morality. The Green New Deal, or any other newfangled European Greens solution for the sun, is approved. If the Russians aren’t going to kill us then they will. )

The old, tired line is that Republicans are just like Democrats, only 10 years behind. Republicans now want to be the leader, regardless of whether they are pursuing contraception or gay marriage.

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