Kinzinger: “More to Come” on the Direct Links between Trump White House and Extremist Groups

Representative Adam Kinzinger, (R-IL), stated Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day”, that more details will be released by the House Select Committee in its investigation of the Jan 6 riot. It said there was direct evidence linking former President Donald Trump to extremist groups.

Anchor Brianna Kilar stated, “Other that the tweet Trump sent urging supporters come to Washington, kind of a siren cry, and I think it reasonable to view it that way. But other than that, does there seem to be any link between the Trump White House and the extremist organizations in the lead up to January 6 ?”


Kinzinger stated, “Look! In terms of direct links, I’m going to give you more information. There will be more hearings. This is my issue, and that is exactly what we discussed in Thursday’s hearing. In the days leading up to January 6, the president attempted every possible effort to reverse the election. The president failed to act on January 6. For the first time ever in his adult life, he chose to resist peer pressure and stand aside to watch the attack on Capitol Hill unfold. Maybe it would succeed. He only stepped out when the attack on Capitol failed. He had this tweet: “Obviously, it’s going to be wild,” all the stuff about the election, stirring up people, but then, in spite of the fact that Vice President Mike Pence was here and that Capitol was occupied, Mike sat down and said, “Vice President Mike Pence betrayed me.” Knowing full well that he was at risk. It was, in fact, his final tweet of the day. He said that these were the events and things that occur when elections are stolen from people like us. This day will be remembered forever. It is totally chilling to see him making this day a martyr for his cause. This is what you will see in countries like Libya, which have had dictatorships .

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Keilar asked, “Is this the direct link to ?”


Kinzinger stated, “No, Look, I’m only saying from my point of view, that the president knew what he did.” We have provided some details about extremist groups. More information is forthcoming. This is the role of President Obama on January 6. This is what I care .”

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