Garland does not rule Trump’s indictment for Jan. 6 Riot

Attorney general Merrick Garland suggested that the indictment against former President Donald Trump might be possible, given the Justice Department’s aggressive pursuit of anyone involved with the 2021 U.S. Capitol Riot.

Mr. Garland didn’t name Donald Trump but stated that his department would continue to bring charges against those who were involved in the riot and/or who interfered with the peaceful transfer power.

” We intend to make everyone accountable for their actions around Jan. 6 and any attempts to interfere in the lawful transfer power between the administrations. We do that. “We don’t pay attention to any other issues in relation to that,” said Mr. Garland to Lester Holt, NBC News on Tuesday.

Mr. Garland answered a question regarding the possibility of an indictment against a former president/candidate for the presidency. There are rumors that Mr. Trump might announce his bid to the 2024 presidential election.

When Mr. Trump was asked about his potential candidacy for the presidency, Mr. Garland said that “we will hold responsible anyone who attempted to interfere with, legitimate, and lawful transfer power from one administration towards the next .”

The attorney general stated that the investigation into the root causes of the riot was the most extensive in Justice Department history.

He also praised work by the Jan.6 committee of Democrats, who will hold further hearings about the riot in September.

” It is almost inevitable that things will turn up that we didn’t know about. It’s also inevitable that we will find things they don’t. “That’s the result of having two broad-ranging investigations at once,” said Mr. Garland.

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In its final hearing, Congress focused on Donald Trump’s 187-minute delay in responding to the riot starting at the beginning and ending when he ordered demonstrators to return home.

Mr. Trump has dismissed the work of the committee as political maneuvering to gain favor ahead of the midterm elections.

Donald Trump suggested that he might run for 2024, attacking the corrupt establishment for trying to ruin his image to keep power.

“They are trying to hurt you in every way, but they want to really damage me so I cannot return to work for them,” Trump stated. I don’t believe that’s going .”

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