Fact Check: Whoopi goldberg falsely claims that Turning Point USA has ‘Embraced Neo-Nazis

Fact Check: Whoopi goldberg falsely claims that Turning Point USA has ‘Embraced Neo-Nazis

CLAIM – Whoopi Goldberg said Monday that Turning Point USA, (TPUSA), “embrace[d]]” neo Nazis at its Student Action Summit, Tampa, Florida over the weekend. Protesters with SS and swastika flags were also “in the mix” of attendees at the event.

” You embrace [neo-Nazis] in your thing,” Goldberg said of TPUSA. They were “It was not there, but they were present in the group .”


VERDICT: FALSE. Turning Point USA didn’t embrace those who stood in front of the venue holding SS and swastika flags Saturday afternoon. Also, the protesters disguised as neo Nazis weren’t “in the mix” with attendees. Protesters received the same response from attendees at the event as pro-abortion demonstrators one hour earlier: They were shunned, and they faced backlash.

However, this was just one of the false claims Goldberg made on Monday on The . The TV host also fabricatedly claimed that TPUSA allowed protesters to enter the event wearing neoNazi costumes.

” You let them in and knew their identities, so you were complicit,” Goldberg claimed.

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THREAD: Yesterday, @TheView & Whoopi Goldberg smeared and lied about TPUSA regarding an incident where supposed “nazis” showed up outside of the Student Action Summit. pic.twitter.com/9xonX9jC25

— Turning Point USA (@TPUSA) July 26, 2022

After being forced to retract her original comment on air, Goldberg retorted by falsely asserting that the student conservative organization had welcomed protestors at the event.

“Let’s make a quick clarification regarding the neo Nazis at Turning Point,” she stated. They were not protesters. I was actually trying to be metaphorical. They are yours to embrace. They were not there .”

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While they were forced by their legal department to correct two of these misrepresentations live on air, Whoopi continued to insist that TPUSA somehow welcomed “nazis” into our event “metaphorically.” pic.twitter.com/320UV0aH0G

— Turning Point USA (@TPUSA) July 26, 2022

Turning Point USA responded to Goldberg’s fictitious claim by issuing a cease and desist letter to ABC News on Tuesday, demanding the company “retract the defamatory statements” made on The View about the TPUSA’s Student Action Summit or face legal action, according to a report by Fox News Digital.

The organization took to Twitter to note that “a group Antifa protesters and left-wing demonstrators showed up to protest our event. They eventually dispersed, but minutes later, these ‘nazis’ appeared .”

” Who are they? “We don’t know, and ABC and the other media outlets aren’t interested enough to discover,” TPUSA said.

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After a group of Antifa and left wing protesters showed up, predictably, to protest our event, they eventually dispersed, then minutes later these “nazis” appeared. These people are who? It’s not clear who they are, but ABC and the other media don’t seem to be curious. pic.twitter.com/nPngp64M0F

— Turning Point USA (@TPUSA) July 26, 2022

It is not clear who the protestors dressed up as neo Nazis are as many of them kept their faces hidden.

This reporter witnessed approximately a dozen people waving SS and swastika flags while sitting at a nearby restaurant. The protesters looked very similar to Antifa. They were wearing all-black and wore balaclavas-type sunglasses.

“We have no idea who they are or why they were at the convention center,” TPUSA said in a statement. They had nothing to do TPUSA or with our event .

” After initially confronting them with their concerns, our students eventually chose the mature path and left the area. “These individuals fled once that occurred,” added the organisation.

Goldberg made false claims regarding Turning Point USA. This was after she was removed from ABC in April following remarks she made about Holocaust. The View host incorrectly claimed that six million Jews were exterminated because of race.

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