Biden Claims To Have ‘Big Part’ In Making Gas Prices Lower

Biden Claims To Have ‘Big Part’ In Making Gas Prices Lower

President Joe Biden claimed in a video Tuesday that, under his watch, gas expenses are down to less than $4 per gallon.

“We now have 40,000 gas stations in the United States where the price of gas is $3. 99 or less,” Biden stated in the video.

Biden stated that the low prices were due to an alleged report saying that oil was pulled from strategic reserves. (RELATED: REPORT: Oil That Biden Released From US Strategic Reserves Ended Up In China)

The president also claimed to be pushing oil companies to produce more oil in the U.S.

“We’re working with the oil and gas industry to get production up and prices down, even as we stay focused on transitioning to a clean energy economy,” he added.

A new report claims that my Administration has played an important role in lowering gas prices. These prices are falling fast.

— President Biden (@POTUS) July 26, 2022

Despite supposedly lowering costs, Biden’s listed price of $3. 99 per gallon is a higher fee than every other sitting president. The record price paid by former President Barack Obama was $3. 68, according to Forbes. Biden’s cost is $1. 43 per gallon higher than when former President Donald Trump left office at $2. 25 per gallon, according to the outlet.

Biden’s cost is also not at the same level as the $4 national average. 33 per gallon, with states like California paying $5. 71 per gallon, according to AAA. However, the outlet estimated that gas prices averaged $0. 30 cheaper than it was in June.

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I’ll do all that I can to lower gas prices,” Biden said.

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