Ted Cruz Takes a Sweet Dunk to Whoopi Goldberg after Classic ‘Dr. Jill’ Clip Resurfaces

Back in March 2020 and at the time Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders were virtually the last two standing after a bruising primary battle that saw other candidates like then-Sen. Kamala Harris and failed Senate nominee Beto O’Rourke bail well before the first primary vote was cast, “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg made an unintentionally hilarious declaration about Joe Biden’s wife Jill Biden in a clip that went viral.

The date was Wednesday, March 4, the day following the Super Tuesday primaries, which almost assured Joe Biden that he would become the Democratic Party nominee. Goldberg was discussing potential vice-presidential running mates for Biden with her co-hosts when Goldberg giddily suggested “Dr. Jill Biden” should be the Surgeon General. She’s “:

an amazing doctor

” I hope Dr. Jill is the surgeon general. His wife .”

“Joe Biden’s wife. Although she would not do it, she is a great doctor. “She’s an incredible doctor,” she continued, drawing some applause from the crowd.

Some co-hosts took a moment to pause, but Sunny Hostin replied that she was a teacher and might fit in for Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary.

“Yes, perfect,” Joy Behar cut in soon after.

As mentioned above, Jill Biden has a doctorate in education and not medicine. This made the clip particularly funny considering how certain Goldberg appeared to be about Jill Biden being an “amazing physician”.

This infamous video was resurfaced Tuesday on Twitter and is now going viral according to the social media site’s trending

Whoopi goldberg believes Jill Biden should be made Surgeon General. “She’s an incredible doctor .”

Jill Biden has a doctorate in education. pic.twitter.com/Y0t2wzZEWO

— Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) July 26, 2022

Sen. Ted Cruz (R.Texas), saw the opportunity and pulled Joe Biden’s child Hunter in to make it sweeter. This suggests that Goldberg may one day support Hunter Biden as attorney general, considering that “he actually has some experience with crime.”

Stay tuned until Whoopi endorses Hunter Biden as attorney general.

He has actually had experience with criminal activity. https://t.co/UiM8uKGbCP

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) July 26, 2022

As we have previously reported, View co-hosts often step in to help one another out when their colleague goes off track. We saw this Monday, when the host made wild statements about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had to take them back nearly immediately.

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We also saw it last Tuesday, after Sunny Hostin said that she thought that it was more important than the “good man with a gun” that stopped the Greenwood mall shooter. He entered the mall carrying a weapon even though they prohibit such weapons from being on the property.

“The Indiana law is different from the law, of Simon Malls,” Lindsey Granger (conservative guest host) correctly stated before educating her about how she would say “that takes precedence whenever you save a person .”

“He saved a life but was he …,”Hostin? He started, echoing the talking points of some in mainstream media. After being rescued by Goldberg who stated that they needed to watch a commercial, they were able to get back to normal.

To repeat what my colleagues and me have said here, “The View” should not be considered a place where anyone can find informed commentary about the current events in America. However, it is the best place to visit if you want to see the television manifestations of the Democratic Party’s fever swamps.

Just sayin’.

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