INTERVIEW: Arizona Senate Candidate Mick McGuire calls for Mayorkas Impeachment over Border Crisis

Retired Major General Michael “Mick” McGuire will be running for the U.S. Senate in the highly competitive Arizona primary election. McGuire was previously the Adjutant General of the Arizona National Guard, 2013 through 2021,. He currently serves as the Chairman of the National Guard Association of the United States.

McGuire and me discussed the south border and future military plans. We also talked about how we would vote on major spending bills such as the American Rescue Plan and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Mark Kelly, the incumbent Democratic Senator was criticized for his support of liberal economic and border policies which he feels have caused significant harm to the country. He also said Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, should be removed for dereliction-of-duty.

Please note: This interview was edited to improve grammar, clarity, length and clarity.

Cameron Arcand What makes you believe you are the most qualified candidate to challenge Sen. Mark Kelly’s election?

Mick McGuire : I am the most qualified candidate to defeat Mark Kelly. This is because I have the reputation of being a trusted and confident leader among the remaining four debaters. Although Brnovich was not able to attend the debate on Newsmax due to his health, he chose to leave that stage as we were able have a live audience. Cameron, leadership, as well as the rule and protection of the Constitution, is what I think will solve every problem in the United States.

I have never witnessed a more weak and sloppy leader at the presidency level than the present president. In the U.S. Senate I hope to support the U.S. senators. How to be strong and not play badminton whenever they are in control.

CA How would you push the Senate to protect our southern border?

MM On this issue, I am the only person who has implemented the response to border. I deployed two times guardsmen at the border under President Trump and Obama as the commanding general. If you want proof of Biden and Mark Kelly being for open borders, look no further than the executive order that was signed in by Biden on January 20th, 2021. When I came in on the morning of the 21st, as commanding general, I had a notice that they were gonna zero out the funding for 1,030 guardsmen.

We had paychecks for 1,030 national guardsmen, fully federally funded. These soldiers were to be recalled and their pay would be zeroed out. What would I do with the 51st vote in the U.S. Senate? As part of the reconciliation project, I will demand that at least $6billion be allocated to Arizona for construction. This would allow me to complete the entire wall and all other projects. Mr. Biden informed my engineering group that we couldn’t continue to support any engineering activity with civilian contractors who were doing that work under Trump. All the cameras that were literally installed out there but are not powered by you should be turned on. Reactivate the helicopter’s surveillance helicopters specifically they were OH-58. We could use any variety of surveillance helicopters that Obama parked in 2014 and then ultimately reactivate those 1,030 guardsmen. Remember Mayorkas. Andy Biggs has here proposed that Mayorkas be impeached.

The Senate has the ability after the filibuster rule, as you know when they changed the rule on confirmations to just get to 51 and I think 1876 was the last time a cabinet secretary was impeached. Mayorkas clearly failed to fulfill his duties by telling Customs and Border Protection and immigration services that mutual assistance is not possible. This matters because Mayorkas was the US Air Force’s primary combat reserve and Army’s Army’s Army Army, and was also the Department of Defense’s only component that could provide support and pivot to the law enforcement agencies in an advisory capacity. If you inform them that they cannot request mutual assistance, it is a violation of duty. This is like saying to one county Sheriff’s Office that they can’t request mutual assistance from another jurisdiction if they’re too overwhelmed. Each city, every state and federal law enforcement agency, as well as the first respondent entity have mutual aid agreements. Mayorkas signing such an agreement on the first day of his term is truly, seriously deplorable.

It would be like me telling soldiers they cannot have sustainment logistics or operation communication support, and then deploying them to Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia during my tenures in commanding general.

CA I’m a veteran of the military and want to know how we can make veterans’ lives easier after they leave active duty. What do you believe the federal government could do to better assist veterans?

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MM Cameron, we need to talk first about the veterans before we can talk about them. Plagiarism is the greatest form of flattery. Everyone will steal what I post. This race can be viewed in a different way. Here’s how I see this radical left in the race. What’s the matter with this nation? In 2018,, it was all about abolishing ICE. But in 2020,, it was all about defunding police. The narrative in 2022, has shifted to mandatory obedience. While I am very concerned about the services we provide our veterans, the fact that we are literally housing people here that have crossed it legally in hotels in Scottsdale, and we have my brothers and sisters in arms living under bridges while it’s 112 degrees outside in Phoenix. Their number was six percent, which is my greatest concern regarding compulsory obedience.

They’re considering walking 40,000 fully qualified service members out the door because they refused to get a COVID-19 shot. As a commanding general I have never seen a single person in uniform because they refused to get vaccinated. Each year, all soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen get their flu shots. We never had 100 percent compliance. People deployed. No matter what, they’re gone. We kicked out zero people. What is so frightening about compulsory obedience? The military is built on morale, shared values and goodwill. Valor, courage, integrity, honor, respect, discipline. This is not an obligation to obey.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that we do not follow orders. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t respect others, but it does indicate that there is a slight difference. I encourage you to talk with your brothers and sisters as both a candidate or a former general officer to hear their feelings. In the beginning you asked me why I am the sole candidate. It’s because I can defeat Mark Kelly. And truthfully Mark Kelly is owned by the left. Who are you gonna place on the U.S. Senate’s other side? The one that’s able to take down the Department of Defense, the bureaucrats who have instilled this bureaucratic wokeism in the military.

CA Last question: It’s about the economy. Inflation was caused by the high spending on the American Rescue Plan and the infrastructure bill. This bill did receive some bipartisan support. What would your thoughts be on government spending if you had been in the Senate during that period?

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MM I would not vote for the $1.9 trillion original. After printing $4 trillion, Biden’s $1.9 trillion first bill cost $1.9 trillion. As the commanding general for the guard I had already retired, but I also served as the state emergency manager. I had watched with what the $4 trillion that had been spent over just about 20 months during COVID and the lead-up to that. The market was flooded with money with an almost equal amount of resources. We were also cutting oil.

Then, we created an infrastructure package. Think about this again. Mark Kelly voted for a federal infrastructure bill that I would have voted against. Only one enumerated piece of infrastructure that I can find in the U.S. Constitution, is the obligation for the federal government provide security and sovereignty for the United States. There wasn’t a dime included in the infrastructure package to fund a border wall or cameras, surveillance equipment, helicopters, and there was no money for that. That would not be possible. Add $1.9 trillion to that infrastructure spending and you get what you see now. 10% inflation. Border security will be the number one issue in a week after I have won this primary. However, on November 8, when Mark Kelly is defeated, cost of living will be the top issue people vote on. This threat is real. I’m out six days a week from 6: 00 a.m. to midnight. [I’ve] done 57,000 miles in this state. Nobody has more insight into Arizonans’ thoughts than I do.

I’ve heard no less than sixteen older female Republican voters state that they will be unable to afford fuel, drugs, food and utilities, regardless of how much inflation adjustments are made on their income. I can tell you what we are not gonna be evicting 75-year-old women in the middle of September when it’s 110 degrees outside here in Arizona. We as a nation have to figure out how we can create a system that allows those with social security and fixed income to be able to live comfortably and receive the full faith in the government for the work they have done. It is time to bring out the best in this nation and to get rid of environmentalists. We will never win if we do not have access to all the resources we need, including land, water, freshwater, oil, minerals and timber. This country will win in all races if it has access to everything.

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