Glaude: Dems Must Fight Aggressively against the GOP’s Taking Away Freedom

Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. stated Monday, on MSNBC’s Deadline that Republicans want to restrict the rights of “others”, while also discussing Republican Senators who oppose voting to codify homosexual marriage.

Anchor Nicolle wilted: “Eddie? I believe Democrats are awake. But how can you get the 75% Americans that oppose the Republicans and join a coalition to protect our freedoms and our rights ?”

Glaude stated, “Take on the people trying to take it away.” Get more aggressive. We are seeing the limitations of the Republican Party’s conception of freedom. We’re seeing exceptions

He said, “They want freedom, freedom to carry their weapons, freedom for us.” They’ll trample on freedoms when it comes down to people that they regard as others or us. You can make freedom your language. They will not be defeated. This will seem to galvanize the 75% people who do not want their rights removed .”

Wallace stated, “Eddie you give me chills .”

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