Cori Bush suddenly becomes really uncomfortable when asked about a Biden second term

Missouri Democrat Congresswoman Cori Bus hid her disapproval from an interview with President Joe Biden. She is not wrong, as Biden has been one of the most destructive Democrats ever to hold office. Being near Biden makes it more difficult to build your career.

Mark Maxwell (NBC affiliate KSDK St. Louis’ political editor) posted a short clip to Twitter showing Bush interviewing him, and then being asked if Joe Biden should run again for office. Bush was very nervous when the question came up and she said that she did not want to answer it.

“It’s an easier question,” Maxwell replied as Bush mumbled after asking. It won’t take too long, you know. Would you like to see Joe Biden running ?”


” I’m not going to answer the question, because it’s not yet — that’s wrong — no, that’s not. Bush responded.

Bush acknowledged that he is entitled to run again for the second term, but she reiterated her insistence that she does not want to answer directly. You can see an aide telling Bush that she must leave. Bush screamed that she had to do “the other” thing and left.

Would Congresswoman Cori bush like to see Joe Biden running for another term?

An aide interjects.

” I don’t know the answer to that question,” she said, and added, “He is the President.” He is eligible to run again .”


She had another event scheduled 20 mins later across town.

— Mark Maxwell (@MarkMaxwellTV) July 25, 2022

Bush’s indecisiveness speaks volumes about her, but it is now all about her. Biden’s popularity is on the decline for some time now, with no sign of a halt in sight. Biden’s ineptness on everything from press interviews to policy has caused so much damage that Democrats have almost given up hope of winning the midterm elections.

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Democrats probably have less of a love for the man than even Republicans do, and unless something changes fast, then their chances for any victory in 2024 will also be slim to none.

If Bush had supported Biden it would likely have been a major blow to her credibility. This speaks volumes about the current state of the Democrat Party. It’s directionless and leaderless at the moment. Each man is his own boss.

Also, Biden support is coming from apparent bots like RedState previously covered.

— Dr. Nickarama (@nickaramaOG) July 26, 2022

Bush’s refusal to support Biden is smart. Although it may be possible to keep a career afloat by referring unpopularity only to Biden or Biden, given the popularity of the Democrat Party, no politician will last long.

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