U.S. and U.N. condemned executions of Myanmar military personnel by democracy activists

The U.S. condemns the Myanmar military regime’s decision to execute four elected representatives and leaders of democracy who were convicted of terrorist acts of violence after an in secret trial.

They were the first executions of a judge in Burma’s former country, once called Burma. This was after the military junta seized power in February 2021.

The U.S. Embassy Yangon stated that Ko Jimmy, Phyozeya Thaw and Hla Myo Aung were guilty only of violating their fundamental rights .”

” We join the peoples of Myanmar in grieving the loss,” Embassy officials tweeted.

A spokesperson for the junta said that they had been accused of terrorist acts. These included attacks with explosives and the murder of civilian informants. CNN reports that they were sentenced in January to their death after appeals in June were rejected.

The execution of pro-democracy activists was also condemned by the United Nations. The U.N.’s Myanmar rapporteur, Tom Andrews said Monday that he was outraged by the news and called the victims “patriots” and “champions of democracy “.

” These individuals were tried and convicted by a military court without the right to appeal, and they were sentenced without counsel. This was in violation of international human-rights law,” said Mr. Andrews. These depraved acts should be an indicator that the international community is ready to take strong action. The junta must do more before the international community will take strong action

Human Rights Watch (HRW), stated that executions are part of the military regime’s strategy to suppress the anti-coup movement growing in Myanmar.

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“European Union members, the United States and other governments must show the junta there will be a reckoning of its crimes,” Elaine Pearson (HRW’s acting Asia director) said in a statement.

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