Ron DeSantis was the host of ‘The View.’ Then came the “Clarifications”



Is it possible to find a more dumb show than The View? Joy Reid’s MSNBC program exists so maybe, but I think that’s enough.

Monday’s roundtable of liberal women gathered to talk about the recent TPUSA Summit in Florida. Some RedState writers were also present. That meant a lot of breathless accusations, which do not reflect the reality. A group of “nazis” were surrounded by protesters outside the conference. Brandon Morse, our own Brandon Morse, recorded himself laughing at them to give you an idea about how many conservatives supported them.

However, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg went crazy, claiming that Ron DeSantis was in some way connected to the “nazis .”


Shockingly Ana Navarro defends DeSantis of Behar. “I do not believe Desantis was involved in the promotion of a coup against America. “
And bucking the narrative that he’s like Trump, she says “I think Donald Trump is in a class all by himself, thank God.”

— Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) July 25, 2022

When Ana Navarro speaks for reason, it is clear that things are wildly out of control. These “nazi” protestors were not present at the conference and were not permitted “inside”, as Goldberg suggested. They were instead mocked and denigrated as they stood on the street. Behar claims that DeSantis sympathizes to nazis, but this is a fabrication. There’s no proof.

Further it’s not the job of the Florida governor to denounce everyone who makes a public appearance. This is especially considering the history of leftwing astroturf being associated with these “nazis”. What happened to Glenn Youngkin? Democrats don’t have to condemn Antifa and other anarchist groups who show up to their events. But they insist that Republicans answer for all those with whom they are not related. DeSantis isn’t playing that game and it drives the left crazy. These “nazis”, they want to see him condemn, so they can then say “See, they’re part of his group .”

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Apparently, “The View”‘s lawyers weren’t happy with the DeSantis segment. Multiple clarifications were provided after the show returned from commercial breaks, with Sarah Haines having to read a legal note

After a short break, Whoopi wanted “to make a quick clarification that the Nazis were outside protesters”. She claims her point “metaphorical”, suggesting they embrace them “at your own thing.” “
Behar defended Antifa terrorists and whined they would get a bad rap if they were there

— Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) July 25, 2022

The short and simple truth is that everything said by these insane lunatics was false. TPUSA issued a statement condemning the “nazis”. Ron DeSantis, for his part had nothing to do with them. Goldberg’s claims that they were part of the conference are also false. They were mocked and refused entry.

The View was simply another day. How ABC News can justify keeping the dumpster burning on air is an open question. These hosts don’t know anything about the topic they are discussing, but present themselves as knowledgeable analysts. This mindless rubbish is what you actually see. Yes, that’s what I do know (*coughliberal white wine mothers), but it still bothers me.

I’ll close by saying how much it is fun to watch DeSantis make Democrats crazy. The man is just too good for them, and their flailing attacks make it truly entertaining.

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