“Really difficult moment”: Republican Rep Survives Blade-Wielding Attack

Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin, New York, expressed appreciation for people who “reacted very intelligently” in “a really challenging moment.” He was also recalling a Thursday attempt to stabbing at a Friday press conference. I noticed that he held a weapon in one of his hands and it had two small holes through which he could insert two fingers. It also had sharp edges and was pointing at me. (RELATED : NY GOP Requires Gov. to Apologize for Using ‘The Flaming Flames Of Hate to Threaten Lee Zeldin’s Lives )

“When Zeldin raised his hand, I thought to grab his wrist and hold on to it. There were so many people nearby that I expected there would be assistance quickly.” Zeldin said. After allegedly trying to stab Zeldin at a Thursday campaign event, .” David Jakubonis was stopped by the attendees. Jakubonis was released on his own recognizance after being charged with attempted assault, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. Zeldin pointed out that Jakubonis’ running mate Alison Esposito (a former NYPD officer) was one of those who intervened. “There were many people who responded very intelligently in this difficult time and I’m proud of that,” Zeldin stated.

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