Neo-Nazi flag-wavers appear outside the Turning Point USA Convention


An anti-semitic group held a flag with an emblem of a swatiska, and other signs outside the conservative convention in Florida that was attended by ex-President Donald Trump and other Republican legislators.

The chairman of Florida Holocaust Museum called Saturday’s protest outside Tampa Convention Center where Turning Point USA was holding its Student Action Summit, “direct threat to the local Jewish community.”

” Carrying the Nazi flag or the SS flag is an act of hatred and indefensibility,” Mike Igel, museum chairman, stated in a statement. This is not about religion or politics. It’s all about humanity .”

A spokesperson from Turning Point stated that the demonstrators weren’t affiliated with the conference, and security tried to take them out.

” “These individuals were found on public property. Our security tried to, but wasn’t permitted to, remove them,” Andrew Kolvet said to The Associated Press. We don’t know who or why they came. They don’t have anything to do with TPUSA or our event .

Mr. Kolvet stated that a group composed of students attended the conference and confronted demonstrators, before choosing “the mature path” and disengaging.

The neo Nazi demonstrators clashed also with the pro-abortion protesters, who marched from a nearby green to reach the convention center.

Several Republican politicians, including Senators, spoke at the convention this weekend. Ted Cruz from Texas, and Josh Hawley (Missouri). Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke as well.

Florida lawmakers from both political parties denounced the demonstrations on Sunday.

This story was partly based on wire service reports.

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