Leftist NY State Sen. Firestorm when she rips AOC apart for abandoning her district

We’ve seen lots of performance art by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D–NY), most recently in the fake handcuff incident outside the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, some left-leaning people aren’t happy about AOC. She’s performing these stunts in order to boost her national image, but some people don’t believe she is doing the actual work she was elected for.

AOC had called out after a Twitter user claimed he was a student in medicine. This person said that he was tweeting for AOC’s office to cancel a meeting with academics on health policy about a British-style socialized medical system for the country. He said that AOC was a liar and claimed they had been blown off with his comments, “We are not doing healthcare now.”

” We are currently in the middle two pandemics and people continue to die from lack of health care. this is not fighting.”

AOC appeared to admit that it had happened and offered her apology, “I’m so sorry that this has happened.” This is not representative of my views or values. Please feel free to contact me with more details. So DMs are open .”

This exchange set New York State Senator Jessica Ramos off, who is a leftist “Working Families Democrat.” Ramos’ district coincides with AOC. AOC got it.

Might be that if you spend more time with your colleagues and in your office, you would know more about what’s going on. It would just be nice to breathe our air. What happens to the employee who says this as an employer?

— Jessica Ramos (@jessicaramos) July 24, 2022

“Maybe you would spend more time with your colleagues and in your office to understand what’s going on. It would be great if you could breathe our air. What happens to the employee who stated this?” Ramos tweets, criticizing AOC’s decision to leave her district. Similar to Joe Crowley’s attacks on AOC, this attack was directed at AOC.

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Ramos did not leave it alone. “Our district offices are located on the same floor of the same building. Her presence in the community is rare. It’s an indisputable fact,” Ramos said blasting AOC.

” I texted her on 1/6 to say that she was fine and never heard back. Ramos stated that she doesn’t regularly meet with elected officials. Ramos stated that she stopped texting her at this point. She reached out to me many times. It has been many times before she didn’t show interest in me meeting with her or any other colleagues I know about .”


In response to a user who suggested that Ramos might be jealous of Ocasio Cortez’s work, Ramos replied: “Nah. I just want my congressman to be there and do his job in the community .”

” My congressperson’s absence isn’t dirty laundry. She added that it had never happened with another elected official in another tweet.

Ramos responded to the pundit, who said that she was AOC’s most prominent local ally. The fact that this information has been made public indicates private diplomacy is failing .”

Ramos confirmed that. I stopped texting her back a while ago, but as the petitioning progressed, my staff reached out to me and asked for a meeting. In months, I haven’t spoken with my congressperson. Perhaps more than one year. Is there anything else I should do ?”


This has sparked a debate with many people supporting Ramos, and/or suggesting she should not be calling AOC out in public.

This shows that AOC might have the exact same problem as Crowley, where she doesn’t respond to an ally in the way that Crowley did. This could indicate that AOC could be taken out by someone within the district, much like Crowley. While performance art might be popular on the national stage, it does not enchant you back at home if you think that you are only blowing their minds.

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If this is the message of an ally, AOC could be in serious trouble in her locality.

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