Do Not Provoke Kid Rock Crowds: Mob Trashes Location After the “Cowboy’s” Show is Canceled

Hell has no fury as a Kid Rock crowd disowned. This is a lesson that was learned at the North Dakota fairgrounds.

Fans flocked to Friday’s sell-out concert. The weather at the North Dakota State Fair wasn’t a good sign for southern rock/rap fans.

Even though Night Ranger opened the show with “Sister Christian”, people were not in a Christian mood. Given what was next, that’s probably a good bet.

From TMZ:

[Kid Rock] was supposed to take the stage around 9: 30 PM…

[A] A storm was developing on the outskirts town, with wind and lightning but not rain. This kept KR from performing his show.

By the time 11 o’clock rolled around, lots of folks in the 18,000-strong audience were pretty drunk … and [angry] because it seemed as if the storm had passed.

The Ward County Sheriff’s Department officer then came up to the microphone and declared that the concert had been cancelled.

People reports attendees took unkindly to the news:

In…footage…audience members could be seen hurling bottles at the stage, and one was tackled after he climbed onto the platform. Later, he was seen by police officers being taken away in handcuffs across the parking lot.

It should not be surprising that the response was loud. Kid Rock is not known for his demure fanbase. Kid Rock seems to be a “Kiss my foot” type.

You may remember the single “Don’t Tell Me How to Live”, released last November.

Snowflakes! Here’s the newsflash

Ain’t nobody gonna teach me how to live

A nation of [wimps] will be our next generation

And these minions with their agendas

Every opinion has a millennial offended

But, this Amendment One rings true

And, if it doesn’t descend [disrespectful person], then please see Number Two

I’m one of the few who still shouts, “[Forget] about you “


And the rocker put his money where it matters: Kid declined to perform at venues that required vaccination proof in January.

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From a video he posted at the time:

“There has been much talk about vaccination mandates and locations… Trust me, they won’t be there. Your money will be refunded. You won’t see me either. If you think I’m going to sit out there and sing ‘Don’t Tell Me How to Live,’ and ‘We the People’ while people are holding up their [doggone] vaccine cards and wearing masks, that [stuff] ain’t happening.”

Under that non-compliance attitude came this:

Fans of Kid Rock throw beer and trash cans at security personnel and concert workers after Kid Rock cancelled his North Dakota concert because of the weather.

— PatriotTakes (@patriottakes) July 24, 2022

Kid Rock lovers aren’t sheeple and were eager to witness the G.O.A.T. They were raised as rams after that failed.

In the wake, the man posted his own dismay:

“So mad that we couldn’t play in Minot tonight for a sell-out crowd… Please be safe leaving, and take care of each other.”

SO DISAPPOINTED that we couldn’t play tonight for a packed crowd in Minot (ND) due to high winds – It sucks, but no one can stop mother nature. Take care of one another and be safe. -Kid Rock

— KidRock (@KidRock) July 23, 2022

It was an evening of chaos. You can expect nothing less when you tell some of the most rebellious concertgoers in history that they waited all night to get their tickets. They’re cowboys and cowgirls, baby


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