Dick Morris: Ocasio Cortez Could be 2024’s Presidential Nominee. –

Dick Morris, a former Bill Clinton advisor, suggested that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D.NY) be considered as a possible Democratic presidential candidate in 2024.

Morris was the host of “Dick Morris Democracy”, on Newsmax TV. He said that Ocasio-Cortez would win the presidency. However, he believed Trump would beat her to the pulp .”

“Here is the worst nightmare: President Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. President AOC. Morris stated that “It” could occur. “She’ll turn 35, the age specified in the Constitution to be president, three months before she would take office in 2024. Happy Birthday. The politics in that year have collapsed so much that AOC could run for office and be even nominated .”

“The Democrats are desperate, and they want to dump Biden, who will be 81 in ’24,” he continued. They’re losing more Hispanic votes each day. According to the latest polls, Trump is winning Latinos with Biden. In desperation the Democrats may choose to elect a charismatic, young and female Latina such as AOC. She won’t be elected, thank goodness. Trump is going to beat her to the pulp. But don’t count AOC out. It’s possible she could be the Democratic nominee .”

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