Biden’s Twitter Account Gets Another Rike at the Face

Since Joe Biden was elected, his puppet masters tried to alter the meanings of words and manipulate facts in order to make Joe seem like a great president. The nuclear waste disposal is headed by a transgender admiral who dresses up and plays the role of a puppy. This seems to be the least that Joe’s administration has to worry about.

Who could forget last July when Biden’s crack team of social media mavens decided that announcing that Joe saved American families… 16 cents on their 4th of July BBQs was a great idea?

They thought this would work well on social media. Thanks, Joe! I, and all others not employed in the logic-fluid, gender-neutral White House, mocked it.

Planning a summer cookout? Ketchup in the news. The Farm Bureau reports that the price of a Fourth of July BBQ has dropped from last year. This is a reality you should hear. The Biden economic plan works, hot dog. That’s something that we all can enjoy.

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) July 1, 2021

The children who manage Joe’s social media channels tweeted a mocking message to America on Monday. Joe saved climate-denying ones who still drive gas-guzzling vehicles tons of dollars, they announced. I was immediately struck by the question: “What’s a peson?”

If you’re a “peson” (maybe this is a new pronoun) with one car, Joe saved you 35 dollars. Don’t be discouraged, contestant. There’s more! There’s more! Joe saved you 70 dollars! What is the future of covfefe, peson?

These savings are important for American families who want a bit more room.

— President Biden (@POTUS) July 25, 2022

I’m not sure how that was calculated and don’t mind. It’s likely the same interns who decided that 16 cents saved for a 4th of July BBQ was a good idea. This is similar to the arsonist that set a fire in a home, then showed up at the scene with water and a bucket.

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Don’t forget that inflation is extinguishing like a firework at five. You can ignore the fact that Joe did it. Everything is on fire, and Joe set it all. But Joe the arsonist came to your rescue with his bucket full of water.

But, good news — not mean tweets.

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