Biden Administration is Full of It


They’re all filled with it.

I’m angry. Although I would like to say that American life has become more full of some thing, I am unable to do so here. It’s easy to see what I mean.

Dr. Jill Biden has a lot of it, because she believes she can show Hispanics that she is concerned about their well-being. At a Latinx IncluXion luncheon in San Antonio, she began by mispronouncing bodega as “bogida” (don’t check the altered White House transcript, because transcripts now are full of it; better to see the video) and then compared members of the Hispanic community to breakfast tacos.

Speaking of Bodegas, a Dominican worker at a bodega was arrested for murder in New York City and spent six days there to defend himself from an attack. The video starts with the bodega clerk, Jose Alba, selling patrons loosies–individual cigarettes because the patron cannot afford to buy a whole pack, a sign of a classy joint. In a near-perfect New York Story, the girlfriend at the window then announces she can’t pay for a bag of chips after her EBT card is declined, and the boyfriend comes around the counter and shoves Alba, age 61, to the ground.

The boyfriend is aware of fighting and has been released from prison for the assault on a police officer. The local Alba will recognize the gang symbol (a white dorag) in his left back pocket as bad news. Alba is attacked by his attacker and a fight follows. Her girlfriend had her own knife and also joined the fight, one-on-one.

The full-of-it outcome? Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s newly installed District Attorney believes bail is unfair for people of color. This category includes Hispanics like Alba. Instead, Alba was charged with murder for defending himself, and pounded with a $250,000 bond. Alba couldn’t pay it, so he went to Riker’s until the district attorney’s office lowered the bail to $50,000 amid growing outrage.

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While NYC’s mayor vaguely stood behind his DA, one Republican gubernatorial nominee slammed Bragg’s decision to charge Alba, tweeting: “My first Day 1 action as Governor next January will be to fire Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.” The charges against Alba were eventually dropped, showing the whole thing was full of it anyway.

D.A. Bragg is still in the workforce. In the wake of Black Lives Matter, Bragg was promoted and vowed to reduce the number of cops who harm young black men such as the one who attacked Jose Alba. The problem is, violence toward black New Yorkers has not decreased, just changed–Bragg’s boss, Mayor Eric Adams, slammed Black Lives Matter after a recent night of black-on-black bloodshed across the city that left more than a dozen people shot. Adams asked, “Where is the list of those who said that black lives matter?” Three people were killed and 13 others wounded. Zero officers shot anyone. Adams stated that the lives of black children who are currently dying each night matters. We can’t be hypocrites .”

While bodega worker Alba appears to be Hispanic, many of New York’s bodegas are operated by Yemenis, the most recent refugees from the Saudi-Yemen-U.S.-Iran war, who are here because American foreign policy is full of it. Joe Biden, who as a candidate promised to make Saudi Arabia an “international pariah” over the murder of WaPo journalist Jamal Khashoggi, just finished begging the Saudis to produce more oil, and thus lower gas prices before the midterms. Biden says prices are too high due to Vladimir Putin. This is a completely false statement.

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Biden was not the first American president who struggled with the fact American Saudi policy was full of it. George W. Bush enlisted Saudi Arabia as an ally in the War on Terror even though 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, ground zero for the Wahhabism which created the conditions for the attacks. Barack Obama supported the Saudi-led war against Yemen with glee, an action no one regretted even though the conflict became a humanitarian disaster. Donald Trump was a strong supporter of the Kingdom in ways Biden wouldn’t recognize. It’s all there.

Biden’s strategy of making war in Ukraine through proxy is heavily influenced by sanctions against Russia. Sanctions were supposed to win the battle, forcing Russia to withdraw at the risk of her economy’s collapse, perhaps along with Putin’s own regime. Problem is, sanctions actually helped Russia.

Russia’s oil exports declined in volume due to sanctions from the United States. However, rising prices caused by shortages of supply have overpowered these sanctions’ negative effects. Russia’s export prices have been on average around 60 percent higher than last year, driven by simple supply and demand. E.U. reduced its direct imports of Russian crude oil by 18 percent, but thanks to Russian re-exporters India and the United Arab Emirates, that has led to no net change in Russia’s overall oil-export volumes.

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China has also helped to make up the E.U. China is the biggest single purchaser of Russian energy. Japan is the largest buyer of unrestricted Russian coal. The U.S. also helped by buying highly refined, unrestricted oil products from India and the Netherlands that at least partially were made from Russian crude. The U.S. is helping further by selling its own strategic oil reserves directly to China.

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A lot of Biden’s gas issues would disappear if the U.S. could extract the domestic oil it needs. But Biden remains steadfastly dedicated to being green. Except for Alaska where his energy policy statements have been full of it. Biden signaled in early July his new support for a controversial Alaska oil drill, issuing an environmental review that represents a key step toward starting the Willow project. Oponents claim drilling violates Biden’s promise to limit the use of fossil fuels. However, that promise has always been fulfilled anyway.

The police have a lot of it and nobody trusts them. It’s a common theme in the media, which is why no one trusts them. If you have been paying close attention you will see that the Biden administration has a lot of it.

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