Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s Progressive Prosecutor, is Defeated in a Reelection Bid

Marilyn Mosby was Baltimore’s most prominent progressive prosecutor and she was indicted for federal charges. She has now lost her second bid to re-elect herself in the Democratic primary.

According to the unofficial election results by the Maryland State Board of Elections, Ivan Bates led by 26,660 votes or 39.8 percent, Thiru Vignarajah got 30.4 percent, and Mosby came in third, at 29.8 percent.

Bates is a former prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer who criticized Mosby during the campaign for what he termed the incompetence and mismanagement of her office. He frequently stated that he was running to make Baltimore more safe.

“I am humble, grateful, and excited that Baltimore decided it was time for a change, and the voters have placed their trust and belief in me,” Bates wrote to his supporters in an email announcing his victory on July 23.

” Building a safer Baltimore can be a daunting task. He wrote that he was ready to take the lead and work with all kinds of collaborators to make it a reality.

Under Mosby’s two terms, Baltimore’s murders rose steadily, averaging 333 every year between 2015 and 2021. This year’s murders are on track to surpass that of 2021, according to Baltimore Police Department data.

During Mosby’s predecessor Gregg Bernstein’s final term, the city had a yearly average of 215 murders.

To fight crime, Bates proposes a five-point prosecution plan (pdf), including putting more resources into prosecuting illegal gun possessors, users, and traffickers, according to his campaign website.

He ran against Mosby in the 2018 primary and lost.

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City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby (C) departs the courthouse in Baltimore on June 23, 2016. (Bryan Woolston/Reuters)

Mosby wrote in a social media post to her supporters on July 23: “I am grateful to my family and my colleagues in the State’s Attorney’s office for their commitment to our city and all their hard work on behalf of the citizens of Baltimore. There is so much we can be proud of. I will always be grateful to many people for their support and love over the past 8 years .

She ran her reelection race on the basis of her track record in reducing prison population, holding officers responsible for their actions and reviewing convictions to determine if they should be exonerated.

A former city prosecutor and wife of a Baltimore councilman, Mosby unseated incumbent Bernstein in 2014 after a robust grassroots campaign.

Months After she was elected, the national news media was abuzz when she brought six officers to trial for their involvement in the murder of Freddie Gray. All charges including manslaughter and murder were dropped later.

Mosby also fired a slew of veteran prosecutors upon taking office, including a 20-year veteran in the middle of an armed robbery trial against a violent repeat offender. Instead, she hired inexperienced young lawyers to fill these posts.

Many veteran soldiers resigned including Roya Hanna who is now a defense lawyer.

Hanna stated in a past interview that she witnessed how prosecution quality declined under Mosby from the time they offered plea deals to when it came down to performance at trial.

” These prosecutors are young and don’t really know much. Hanna explained to The Epoch Times that there is so much turnover, they don’t know where their old guards are.

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Hanna will be running in this race as an independent candidate and will compete against Bates in general elections.

At the peak of the pandemic Mosby stopped prosecuting nine low-level, nonviolent crimes including prostitution and drug possession. Later, she made this policy permanent.

In January Mosby was charged with perjury as well as making false mortgage application. Mosby allegedly submitted false retirement funds withdrawal applications in order to buy a Florida vacation home.

Federal prosecutors stated in a February status report that they expected the trial would take place within days.

However, U.S. District judge Lydia Griggsby granted Mosby’s request that the trial be moved to after the Democratic primaries. The trial is scheduled to take place on Sept. 19, 2022.


Cara, a Chicago-based Epoch Times journalist. She can be reached at [email protected].

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