Khan’s London suffers the most severe sex assaults over the past decade, attacks on males up to 59 percent

London is experiencing the highest number of sexual assaults for a decade, with attacks on males aged over 13 up by an astonishing 59 per cent.

Some 7,500 women told London’s Metropolitan Police they had been sexually assaulted in 2021, according to Home Office statistics reported by the BBC, with the number of police-recorded sexual assaults against men and boys aged 13 and over standing at 924.

” These record numbers are of great concern as more rape victim will delay for justice,” stated Claire Waxman (London’s Victims Commissioner) in a social-media post .

“Govt’s goal of increasing rape convictions and charges is difficult to achieve now, particularly with record-breaking crown court backlogs & chronically underfunded [Criminal Justice System],” she complained.

Broken Britain: Rapes, Sexual Offences, Violent Crimes at Highest Level Since Records Began

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) July 22, 2022

” We know that sexual offenses have been underreported and have worked hard to raise reports to the Met to allow us to investigate,” said a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police, in comments to BBC.

“The public is rightly less tolerant of these crimes and are speaking out,” they added, appearing to try and feed the well-worn narrative that rises in serious violent and sexual crimes are never due to law enforcement failures or a breakdown in social cohesion, but merely a result of “more people coming forward” to report crime that was always there.

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Notably, the figures released by the Metropolitan Police do not even provide the full picture for sexual offences in the British capital, as some attacks will have been reported to the City of London police, an independent force covering the Square Mile centred on the Bank of England, and the British Transport Police (BTP), which has responsible for law enforcement on much of the public transport network, both in London and nationwide.

UK: Afghan Sex Offender Gets Short Sentence for Trying to Cut Teen’s Throat on Public Bus

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) July 16, 2022

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