Florida’s DeSantis examines Chinese investments into the U.S. to determine if there are ties with Chinese Communist Party

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis criticized Friday’s Chinese Communist Party connections to foreign corporations and individuals purchasing residential and agricultural property in the U.S .

” “I think they shouldn’t be able to achieve it,” said the governor, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

He applauded Florida’s ban on China-funded Confucius Institute. This institute backs cultural centers at college campuses, which have been criticized by both conservatives and liberals.

He supports limiting government pension investment in funds with ties to CCP.

Some observers are on high alert for the increasing investments made by

China in the U.S.

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, Chinese buyers have spent more than $6 billion buying homes in 2021 – the highest amount of foreign buyers.

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In North Dakota, a Chinese firm, The Fufeng Group purchased large tracts of land earlier this month.

CNBC stated that the purchase of $2.6 million raised security concerns due to its proximity to Grand Forks Air Force Base. This base houses some of our most sophisticated military drone technology.

When a Chinese billionaire with ties to the CCP gradually acquired 140,000 acres of land for a windmill farm in Val Verde County, Texas, multiple outlets reported that it raised concerns because of how close the project was to Laughlin Air Force Base.

The state legislature shut down the windfarm when it passed legislation 2021 “prohibiting companies from China. Russia. North Korea. and Iran. Texas’s crucial infrastructure includes the electric grid.” According to Devils River Conservancy’s news release, the Chinese connections to the windfarm were first mentioned on the political radars.

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Rep. Mike Waltz from Florida, said last week on Fox News that Chinese buyers also purchase major chicken and pork producers.

“But my question is, why isn’t the Committee on Foreign Investment in the Department of Justice and across the Biden administration, why aren’t they taking a closer look at this,” he told the network on July 19.

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