Crayola Wokes, Gets All In on Transgenderism

Crayola celebrates the colors of rainbow in a #PrideMonth.

There was once a time that businesses were entities with the sole purpose of generating profit through the widest possible customer base. Companies are increasingly seen as ideologic organizations, even though they may not be for-profit.

According to the corporate model, politics, which is almost always left-leaning, matter. Corporation X may be a great doorknob. But what is its position on a border wall and how would it affect the company?

This idea is applicable to all industries, including those involving children.

In light of this fact, Crayola posted to Facebook a message on authenticity and role models.

At the centre: A hero wearing many hats.

The iconic brand designed the entry using a variety of clever wording.

Julian Gavino (he/him), is a fashion model and writer who self-identifies as transgender. His progressive neurological condition was his birth defect. Julian has a passion for advocating for the people in his community. Julian, who was born without seeing any person who looked like himself in media as a child, is passionate about promoting normalization of trans and disabled bodies in fashion. His work with brands and designers involves creating adaptive clothing. He stresses the importance and universality of design, clothing that everyone can use. His collaborations include Tommy Hilfiger and Mac Cosmetics. He was Abercrombie’s first transgender/disabled model. Julian believes creativity can help you connect with your heart and other people.

Here is where the color of your choice comes in:

He says that fashion, art and color are all possible. My ability to be a creator allowed me expand in ways that I never thought possible. My disability forced me to see things differently. Art was my first choice when I felt overwhelmed. It is important to find outlets such as these. Mobility devices used to make me feel ashamed. I became more passionate about fashion because of this. My body was out of my control. This is when I began pushing the limits of what I could wear. This helped me to cope. It helped me cope.

The crayon manufacturer observes a month of commemoration:

This #DisabilityPrideMonth Crayola celebrates Julian and everyone like him for their passion and creativity.

First, my best wishes for Julian and all his creative endeavours. We are now in the middle of another Pride Month. Crayola’s posting is an attempt to inspire disabled transgender toddlers to be interested in fashion or a signal of virtue that seems completely detached from the people who buy its products.

Some Facebook users weren’t happy with this post in any way:

  • “[ I] have had this website on my site for a while. This is where I am going. I’m taking off. Let them just be kids .”
  • ” Usually I purchase a lot of supplies for donations; this year, we are leaving Crayola behind. It doesn’t matter if you teach your child about gender preference and changing genders, but they can still color .”
  • .

  • ” Targeting children with dangerous radical gender ideologies. Disgusting!”
  • “I was attracted to your website. This school year .”
  • , we’ll be purchasing a new brand.

  • ” OK…he ticks a few boxes…BUT WHAT HAS THIS TO DO WITH CRAYONS !”
  • “Generic colors for the win !”

But there were others:

  • ” I LOVE to see amazing content such as …!”
  • ” Your inclusiveness has earned me brand loyalty. Keep up the good work !”
  • “I am so proud to be a teacher that loves her Crayola crayons! !”
  • ” Thank you for your support of trans and disabled people. It is important to have representation! We are grateful to you for your support of Disability Pride Month. This month doesn’t get enough attention, and is super important for disabled children like my son .”
  • .

  • ” Your inclusiveness is shining! AND IT LOOKS AMAZING ON YOU !”

The world is rapidly changing. People were once people. People were people. “Communities” was a geographical area where residents could benefit from forming a group. It’s all gone. Your community can only be defined by people who have a single trait, and will not know you or impact you. There are many bodies within this empty idea.

And those people can, if they so choose, grab crayons. They’ll be supporting more soldiers during the war for wakefulness.

As for Disability Pride Month, Forbes reports it isn’t a sexual scene:

Disability Pride does not mean that you should appropriate LGBTQIA+ Pride. The reality is that the LGBTQIA+ and disabled communities have been closely intertwined for a long time and have survived similar oppression systems. Disability Pride is similar to LGBTQIA+ Pride in that it celebrates and revalorizes our visibility, as people with disabilities were historically excluded from public places.

Crayola could have gone for a non-LGBT version. It created something far more vibrant by focusing on superior intersectionality.


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