British PM Candidates Support the Stalled Plan to Ship Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

Both Boris Johnson’s successor candidates say that they support the controversial plan of former prime minister to ship illegal immigrants large quantities to Rwanda. This plan was strongly denounced in Britain .

Rishi, Mr. Johnson’s former chancellor at the exchequer, is the son of Indian-born parents and was born to African-born parents. Liz Truss (the foreign secretary) said they support the Rwandan plan and will face votes from members of the Conservative Party nationwide in order to replace Mr. Johnson.

A new prime minister will be appointed by September, according to British political handicappers.

Mr. Sunak said that he will do whatever it takes to get the Rwandan plan passed and would also explore other arrangements. His immigration plan also included limiting the number of refugees Britain accepts annually and cutting foreign assistance to countries refusing to take failed asylum seekers into the U.K .

Ms. Truss, for her part, called for the “full implementation of” Rwanda’s plan. She also stated that she will seek out other countries who are willing to accept illegal immigrants from Britain. Ms. Truss also demanded an increase in the number of staff for the Border Force, to ensure that the English Channel is better policing small boats traveling dangerously to get to Britain.

She told the Mail on Sunday that she wouldn’t “cower” before critics or human rights activists, who claim the policy is cruel and will force migrants to move to countries they have never visited.

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The Johnson government announced in May a partnership with Rwanda to permanently relocate asylum-seekers to East Africa. However, the plan was canceled after a long legal dispute over it. The UK was supposed to initially pay Rwanda $150 millions for economic development, and to cover the costs of settling the refugees.

Amnesty International is one of many rights organizations that strongly condemned this plan.

“Trying to deport asylum seekers in Rwanda is the U.K.’s attempt to evade its international obligations under the Refugee Convention,” Deprose Manyena, Amnesty International’s director for East & Southern Africa said last month. He called on Johnson to end its “misguided, cruel, and racist policy which shifts its responsibility towards refugees to Rwanda .”

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