WH loses it on reporters, Biden cuts out when they ask him how he is


As we mentioned earlier, Joe Biden is not speaking directly to his doctor during White House briefings. The doctor is sending us translations or written statements. This prevents reporters from asking the doctor any questions about Biden. We’re told embarrassing stories that make us sound like we have a child in our office, such as that Biden “cleaned” his plates and ate his entire dinner.

I want to share the additional video of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. She insists to reporters that they heard from the doctor “directly” because they received a letter. The reporters, however, insisted they were not hearing from him directly.

REPORTER : Why aren’t we hearing Dr. O’Connor’s thoughts on this matter? “

KJP – “You have heard from him directly. “

REPORTER : “No, we haven’t. “

KJP : That’s what you heard in the letter. This is the direct communication with him. pic.twitter.com/OHbMqw9ke8

— Townhall.com (@townhallcom) July 22, 2022

Even the journalists weren’t convinced by this story. Jean-Pierre stated that there wasn’t any reason to ask the reporter about the doctor.

The more that they attempt to stop the doctor talking with the reporters, you will wonder why. Even the White House reporters who are usually a bit sceptical seem to find it hard to believe that they’re doing this. Is this what the Biden team is trying to conceal?

Joe Biden should do all that he can for COVID. His team is trying convince us that all is well. They said Biden works an 8-hour work day. He didn’t work eight hours when he was healthy, so I doubt he did.

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But he should be taking it easy and not working when he’s sick; he’s 79 years old. He was dressed in a suit and he looked terrible. This is despite the fact that he had been wearing it for some time.

COVID-infected Joe Biden reaches for a cough drop as staff talk to him via video about high gas prices pic.twitter.com/qKItD0QAiu

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) July 22, 2022

He seems ill and not listening to what’s being spoken; his eyes have a sort of vacant appearance. He coughed as he went through the meeting. During the video clip, he used a coughdrop to help him. His voice was much deeper. Although he was feeling a little cold, his doctor said that he still had normal levels of oxygen saturation and respiration.

We’ve discussed people believing it to be elder abuse and putting him here with all the issues that he faces. He is now being told he is still in control and involved. It just makes it look cruel, and that’s not good for his health. You can show him lying down in bed if you want to prove his life. If he is COVID, he shouldn’t be in meetings.

Reporters attempted to ask him how he felt during the meeting, and wouldn’t it be? The video was out. It’s amazing how this happens. Biden gave a thumbs-up before that.

” How do you feel? :videos stream cut: pic.twitter.com/7gcR9auKMm

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) July 22, 2022

But, again, they are cutting the video off and escorting the media out. They don’t think it could get any worse.

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