Major City Allows Residents to Urinate and Defecate in Public — and They Are Not Happy

Residents of Kalamazoo in Michigan criticized the city’s leaders during a Fox News appearance Thursday. The vote to make “equitable” changes in city law laws led to decriminalizations for littering, public defecation, and urination.

City commissioners voted to change city ordinances that turned crimes like public defecation, public urination and littering from misdemeanors to civil infractionson Monday, Fox17Online reported. The law was immediately challenged by residents.

” One day, I smelled something and opened the door to find human feces. We called the landlord and nobody did anything,” Cherri Emery of a coffee shop told Todd Piro. (RELATED : SF Mayor Declares That Her City is Drowning in Poop ‘)


Becky, the owner of Pop City Popcorn, at Kalamazoo Mall told Piro that there had been an increase in feces around her shop. The city also spent $100,000 on a public restroom near the mall, but Bil claimed it was locked at times.

“I live a bit away from the mall’s main area, but my neighbour has left human feces out of his front door,” Bil stated. There is just litter everywhere. We do have ambassadors that do come through and pick it up, but it’s still out there and just crazy.”

The Kalamazoo Downtown Project launched the ambassadors program to assist with cleaning, help tourists, connect the “street population” with resources and assist with events, according to an information packet.

The part that is really troubling to us, Emery stated, explaining how one person tried to throw rocks at employees who didn’t have the money. The Kalamazoo mayor’s office didn’t immediately reply to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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