Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk stated, “The American college systems are no better than Mexican drug cartels,” in an interview with Breitbart news Saturday

Kirk began the interview by talking about Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit which will be held this weekend in Tampa.


“All 50 states and nearly 3,000 high school and college chapters if you tabulate them together, it’s a remarkable thing,” Kirk said. “And you see it here in Tampa, I mean, you see over 5,000 students from all across America, that are here to get fired up to get training, to get empowerment.”

Kirk stated that his organization’s purpose is education. It is about passing American values on from one generation to another .”

“And so look, if you want to have hope for America come to a Turning Point USA event where you will see 5,000 young people, students, it’s a remarkable thing, that it really is,” Kirk continued.

Charlie Kirk, founder and executive director of Turning Point USA, speaks during the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida, US, on Friday, July 22, 2022. (Tristan Wheelock/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Breitbart news Saturday hosted Matthew Boyle asked Kirk about his book The College Scam ,, which presents a ten-count accusation against America’s college system.

” I believe the American college system does not compare to the Mexican drug cartel. Kirk stated that he believes they are manipulating the system to disadvantage our students. They are heavily subsidised by American taxpayers. They are indoctrinating children and making America less free .”

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Some things Kirk has a problem with America’s educational system are the high tuition cost, indoctrination and influence of foreign actors.

Kirk stated, “I discussed the financial inability to go to these schools. I also talked about indoctrination factories and how they influence foreign actors. I spoke about how the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated American education cartels and other clandestine Middle Eastern interests. Yet, we continue to send our children to these schools. That is what puzzles me .”

Kirk spoke out about the mistreatment of conservative students at American colleges.

” I can assure you that students are being graded lower, getting mistreated all over the place, and that this is what Kirk said. We have many Turning Point USA chapters popping up all over America .”

. This is what we’ve seen, and will continue to see.

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