Colorado man pleads guilty for casting absent wife’s vote

DENVER – A Colorado man has pleaded guilty in forgery to cast his 2020 electoral ballot for the then-President Donald Trump.

Barry Morphew plead guilty and was assessed court costs of $600,, The Denver Post reported. As part of a plea deal, he avoids prison.

Suzanne Morphew disappeared on Mother’s Day in 2020 when she failed to return home from a bicycle ride in her neighborhood in Salida, southern Colorado. Barry Morphew was charged with murder in the first degree and other offenses in 2021,. However, prosecutors dropped these charges in April.

This decision was made in response to the judge’s order to prohibit prosecutors from present most of their key witnesses at Morphew’s trial. They repeatedly flouted rules regarding turning over evidence for him. This evidence contained DNA from an unidentified male that was linked to cases of sexual assault in other states. It was located in Suzanne Morphew’s SUV, raising the possibility of an additional suspect.

Suzanne Morphew has yet to be found.

In the case of voter fraud, investigators found that Barry Morphew had filled out the missing spouse’s ballot in order to vote for Trump. Trump was 14 a percentage point ahead of President Joe Biden in Colorado.

“Just to make sure Trump wins. He just thought that he should get another vote. He said that he believed all the other men were cheating to an FBI agent, who asked him questions about April 2021, ballots. Court documents show that he admitted this.

Trump repeatedly claimed fraud and “rigged” election results. Experts disagree, however, that there is no evidence of widespread fraud to have affected the outcome.

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Morphew told the agent that he did not know that it was illegal for a spouse to sign a ballot.

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