Anti-Woke Comic Book Rkes Nearly $3,000,000 in Days, Defying Cancel Culture

A new publisher of comic books called “Rippaverse”, was founded by Eric July, a comic book writer. He promised to publish a line of super-hero comics that would be a departure from the rest of left-wing thinking.

July made a decision to reach out to the general public in order to launch his comic book series “Rippaverse”. He set a goal of $100,000 to help develop the characters, create the art, and print the books. But showing how much comics fans hunger for superhero entertainment without all the left-wingery, he raised an astonishing amount just short of $3 million, instead of a mere $100K.

Leftist comic-book “fans”, on Reddit, are in complete meltdown over the Rippaverse’s success. They are revealing their true selves by using every excuse possible to stop them. #rippaverse #isom #WeWillWin #comicbooks

— Eric July (@EricDJuly) July 15, 2022

Now his first entry in the series is out with ISOM #1. The book is written by Eric July, and illustrated by Cliff Richards, Gabe Eltaeb and Eric Weathers, the company website reveals.

“What I wanted to do was be a part of the solution instead of griping about the problem, so I had the idea, it made sense financially, and it was the perfect time to do it,” July told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade this week.

” The American comics market still needs this kind of material. “They’ve been getting it from the two big ones,” July said.

Rippaverse Comics

Artist Eltaeb left DC Comics to remove “America”, his long-standing slogan “truth and justice” .”

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” I dreamed of becoming a comic artist from a young age, and I have worked my way up,” Eltaeb stated. I made it to DC Comics, and became Superman. They made my little boy dream come true. He was woken up and they took away his American citizenship .”

Eltaeb quit DC in 2021 because he was sick and tired of all the left-wing moralizing that the company was forcing into its comics.

“I am tired of this crap, they ruin these characters,” Eltaeb stated last October about DC Comics’ superhero characters. In particular, Superman. Eltaeb decided that instead of fighting for truth, justice and the American Way, he would fight for justice and a better future .”

Eltaeb told Fox News that “Rippaverse”, the new comics, will not feature anti-wokeism. It is non-woke, and does not try to impose the left-wing agenda on its stories as DC and Marvel do.

” We just want people to enjoy classic superhero action,” Eltaeb stated.

Fox host Brian Kilmeade noted that some critics have claimed that the comics are designed for hate groups. But Eltaeb denied these claims.

” It’s normal. Eltaeb said that there are many things wrong in this industry. There’s not much these people can do. To me this is why was always so afraid of .

ISOLM #1 features lead character Avery Silman, who became a rancher in Texas after dabbling as a superhero named Isom. When he becomes embroiled in a case involving a murder, he is forced to reconsider his decision to quit his superhero career.

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