White House Shortens Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Camera Feed as Reporters Question His Health

After being questioned by reporters about his health, the White House cut off a live stream of President Joe Biden’s camera feed.

White House personnel put Biden on livestream video for journalists during an event about gas prices. They continue to try and reassure the nation that President Obama is still working after being infected with the coronavirus.

Staff cut audio and video from the live streamed event because reporters began shouting at him, asking how he felt after being infected by the coronavirus.

The president gave a thumbs-up before the feed was cut.

The live streaming event took place at the President’s imitative White House video, which was located across the street from the Executive Office Building.

The president appeared at a computer and removed his mask.

He apologized for his hoarse voice and began the event.

“Let’s start by sorry for my voice. He cleared his throat, coughing and said that he felt a lot better.

While his staff spoke, Biden was spotted on video coughing and reaching for a cough drop, and drinking from a cup as he listened.

The president was tested for coronavirus at his office on Thursday morning. However, White House staff have not released any images or videos from the White House of him working with Americans and discussing his health.

The White House is continuing to block reporters from speaking directly with the President’s doctor to inquire about his health.

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