Trump did not say that election is over during his national address, condemning the Jan. 6th riot


Another President Donald Trump did not declare that the 2020 election had been won in an improvised national television address, condemning the Capitol rioters one day after the January 6 2021 attack.

In the video outtakes that were aired by the House Jan.6 committee on Thursday, Donald Trump was encouraged by his staff including Ivanka to state that Congress had certified the election as “over”

“Hey, I don’t think it is fair to tell you that the election has ended,” Trump stated.

The former president was also furious at a line stating that his goal was “integrity and the vote .”


After uttering that line, Donald Trump raised his right hand to the podium.

The committee also said Mr. Trump gave the national address on Jan. 7 because he was being threatened by members of his own administration with removal from office as unfit under the 25th

The panel heard an audio recording from Kevin McCarthy (California Republican), who said that he believes Mr. Trump should either resign following the riots or be removed under the 25th amendment.

” I’ve had it [with this guy],” Mr. McCarthy stated. It would be my suggestion that he quit ..”

The panel heard Thursday’s hearing about the 187 minute that Donald Trump was not present and did nothing to stop the riot from continuing.

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