This may just be the greatest typo ever – and it’s about Monkeypox

We may have the joke of the day, and it involves the not so funny topic of monkeypox.

Democrats are not happy with the Biden Administration’s response. California State Senator Scott Wiener attacked them for not offering enough vaccine.

“Today the San Francisco Department of Public Health has announced that it is running out of monkeypox vaccination,” Senator Wiener stated in a written statement. After today’s ).”

, the monkeypox clinic at San Francisco General Hospital will temporarily be suspended.

The senator stated that the supply of vaccines is running out as San Francisco sees an increase in the number and severity of monkeypox exposures and infections.

” We need to know who is responsible for this situation that could have been avoided: The federal government,” Wiener said. Failure to contain this epidemic will cause severe and unnecessary misery for many, especially gay and bisexual men .”


This is one reason you shouldn’t rely on the government to distribute vaccines.

But science reporter Benjamin Ryan wanted a response to Twitters claiming it was a pandemic and to provide some facts that would counter the hype. Ryan wanted to clarify that the spread of the epidemic was much smaller. He made an error in his tweet, perhaps the most embarrassing typo ever. You should be ready for it when you do.

This is misinformation about #monkeypox. This outbreak seems to be affecting almost all men who have had sex with me. Experts in public health agree that the main driver of transmission is sexual contact and they have stated that there’s still a very low risk for children.

— Benjamin Ryan (@benryanwriter) July 20, 2022

Oh, my.

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Oh, my. He wrote “me” rather than “men”, making it seem that almost all of the victims were men who have had sex with him.

What was more, he took full responsibility for his mistake.

Sorry everybody about the #monkeypox outbreak! I will do better the next time .

— Benjamin Ryan (@benryanwriter) July 21, 2022

He stated that everyone needs a good laugh and it had the viral effect to teach people about public (that is, with an “l”)-health.

15,378 as of today, according to the CDC.

— Benjamin Ryan (@benryanwriter) July 21, 2022

He is absolutely right.

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