Poll: Sheriff Joe Lombardo is in the Statistical Tie With Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak

Poll: Sheriff Joe Lombardo is in the Statistical Tie With Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak

Sheriff Joe Lombardo is the Republican nominee to be Nevada’s governor. According to a poll, there are statistical ties with Nevada Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak.

Lombardo has the support of 44 percent of likely Nevada voters, compared to Sisolak’s 46 percent. The narrow margin Sisolak won is still within the poll’s error margin, so Nevada’s governor race remains in statistical deadlock.

The poll found that 5 percent of Nevada’s likely voters are still undecided in advance of the November midterm elections.

Lombardo (an ex-presidential candidate for Donald Trump) easily won last month’s Republican primary.

Lombardo has the support of more Hispanic Nevadans than Sisolak, with 44 percent voting for the former Clark County Sheriff versus 42 percent for the incumbent.

With a majority Nevada voters not liking Joe Biden as President and 48% of Nevadans believing that Nevada is heading in the wrong direction (Gov. Sisolak will face a difficult task going into November’s election.

Sisolak has seen poll numbers “stuck below a ceiling” at 46% over the last six months. This, according to the Lombardo campaign, is “extremely weak for an incumbent in .”


Lombardo spokeswoman Elizabeth Ray stated that poll results show “referendum” on the Sisolak–Biden agenda. Ray added:

Governor Sisolak and Joe Biden’s bleak approval ratings are a referendum on the Sisolak-Biden agenda, which has left most Nevadans worse off than they were four years ago. Hispanic and Independent voters support Sheriff Lombardo, a sign of how keen Nevadans have become for new leadership.

The Tarrance Group conducted a survey of 600 likely Nevada voters from July 5 to July 10. The margin of error for the poll is +-4.1 percent.

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