Oath Keepers chatter on Jan. 6 revealed that a militant group accepted Trump’s tweets as true


Walkietalkie Communications between Oath Keepers members who stormed Washington’s Capitol Building on January 6th revealed that some militia members took President Trump’s tweet asking supporters to support “our Capitol Police” as a signal that Congressmen were open to attack.

The House January 6 Committee released the private communications among members of the group that were recorded during the Capitol Riot on Thursday.

“He did not say that he would do nothing to congressmen,” one Oath Keeper said, referring to Mr. Trump tweet.

“He didn’t ask…to stand down,” another member said. He just stated stand with the Capitol Police .”

The back and forth was in reaction to Trump’s tweet that the mob attacked the Capitol. In which Trump told his followers: “Please help our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement.” They truly stand with our country. Be peaceful !”

“There is no safe place in America for these motherf —–rs at the moment,” said one Oath Keeper, speaking of lawmakers.

Thursday’s hearing was focused on Mr. Trump’s inaction at the White House within 187minutes while his supporters attacked Capitol trying to stop electoral vote counts for the 2020 Presidential election won by Donald Trump.

White House Counsel Pat Cipollone stated to the committee that he had told others that they advised Mr. Trump repeatedly to issue a statement telling rioters that they should go home.

Former deputy press secretary Judd Deere stated in videotaped testimony that he believed it was important to “encourage individuals to stop and respect the law enforcement, and to return .”

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Multiple White House staff said Mr. Trump’s tweets throughout the riot did not quell it but instead fed the flames.

The panel will hold additional hearings in September to prepare for the November midterms.

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