Melania Trump Blames Her Ex-Chief of Staff Grisham on January 6,

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Former First Lady Melania Trump is slamming her former chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, for claiming Trump did not want to speak out against the violence unfolding at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and, in fact, says Grisham is guilty of “dereliction of duty” for not informing her boss about the event.

Official Statement from Mrs. Melania Trump

— Office of Melania Trump (@OfficeofMelania) July 22, 2022

The first lady has defended her duties in a social media statement posted January 6:

On January 6 2021, I was fulfilling one of my duties as First Lady of the United States of America, and accordingly, I was unaware of what was simultaneously transpiring at the US Capitol building.

It was my duty, like all first ladies before me, to document the historic rooms of the White House, as well as take archival photos of every renovation. To ensure flawless execution, I assembled a team of qualified photographers, archivists and designers several months before the White House opened. As required, we scheduled January 6, 2021 to complete the work on behalf of our Nation. This is a very significant undertaking and requires great care, attention to detail, and concentration–both in the planning and execution.

I have been very supportive my former Chief Of Staff, Stephanie Grisham. After her unsuccessful stint as White House Press secretary, I supported Miss Grisham and welcome her back to East Wing.

Mrs. Grisham was not in the White House on January 6, and her behavior in her role as Chief of Staff ultimately amounts to dereliction of duty. The First Lady’s Chief Of Staff usually provides briefings on important topics. In fact, Ms. Grisham failed to provide insight and information into the events surrounding January 6 as she had abandoned her post in Washington, D.C.

Shamefully, this behavior has only partially become public knowledge; yet was consistent for Ms. Grisham. It’s clear that Grisham is trying to save her career and reputation by betraying people.

I always condemn violence. I condemn violence.

While Ms. Grisham is disappointed by her behavior, it’s not unusual or an isolated event. It isn’t the first instance of a former employee trying to keep relevance and profit by using my identity to make a false narrative.

People Magazine reported on how Grisham tried to discredit Trump in an earlier Twitter post:

On June 28, Grisham tweeted a screen shot of an alleged text message between her and the first lady.

” Do you wish to tweet that peaceful demonstrations are the right for every American but there is no room for lawlessness & violence?” Grisham inquired the first lady. She posted a text message.

“No,” came the reply from a person labeled “MT” in the text message.

Grisham resigned after the January 6 riot.

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