Last Update: Weapon Image; WATCH: Attack on Gov. GOP NY Candidate Lee Zeldin

Update [11: 38 p.m. EDT]: There is now allegedly an image of the weapon on social media, from YWN reporter Moshe Schwartz, who believes it was a set of brass knuckles:

Weapon, which looks like brass knuckles that were used to attack Lee Zeldin.

— Moshe Schwartz (@YWNReporter) July 22, 2022


As we previously reported, Rep. Lee Zeldin, a Republican nominee for the New York governor’s race, was assaulted onstage while Zeldin gave a speech at Perinton VFW Post in Perinton (NY), which is close to Rochester.

Zeldin was in the middle talking about why so many people are moving to other states from New York. They feel safer and more free in these other states. As he was speaking, however, a man approached Zeldin from the right. Zeldin raised his arm to stop him from waving a weapon, possibly a knife.

Here is video of the attack involving Rep. Zeldin from witness Cody Crippen

— Nick Reisman (@NickReisman) July 22, 2022

Then more people jump onto the stage to take Zeldin and his friend down. Zeldin was then pulled from the chaos by someone. Among the people who helped Zeldin was reportedly AMVETS Director Joe Chenelly, who is a local state assembly candidate, according to reporting by the NY Post.

It’s scary to think that the man got so close that he could have pulled him out if he tried. Zeldin managed to keep him away.

But it speaks volumes about Zeldin’s courage that he continued his speech immediately after the attack.

Zeldin returned to the stage after everything had calmed down, and finished his speech.

— Ian Bradley (@bornawinner92) July 22, 2022

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