Joe Biden’s Trail of Broken Promises


Biden is not living up to the campaign promises.

In his March 1 State of the Union address, President Biden stated that “our forces are not engaged in the conflict with Russian troops in Ukraine” he had made this promise many times there wouldn’t be any US boots on the ground.

Three months later, on June 25, the New York Times reported that “C.I.A.

Two months later, on June 25, the New York Times reported that the “C.I.A.

This revelation shattered Biden’s claim that the U.S. would not send troops to Ukraine .”

This was not the only broken promise. Biden promised that he would be no more than a sturdy “bridge,” an experienced statesman who would calmly transition America onto safe shores after the unstable Trump presidency. Instead, he led the U.S. to the turbulent waters in a new Cold War with China and Russia. Biden will leave a legacy of a turbulent world and not merely securing a peaceful bridge.

In his first address to the U.N. General Assembly, Biden promised the world that he was “opening a new era of relentless diplomacy.” His era has seen threats, sanctions and snubbing of diplomatic talks. Biden’s State Department, and his Chief Diplomat have found themselves in an impossible situation of disengaging diplomacy at the most critical places.

In his campaign, Biden said that he would quickly return to the JCPOA Iran nuclear accord. He said that Trump “recklessly tossed away a policy that was working to keep America safe and replaced it with one that has worsened the threat.” He said that he would “offer Tehran an credible path to diplomacy.” “

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But, when it was time for JCPOA to be implemented, Biden failed to deliver on his promise of an end to US sanctions. He also refused to say that the U.S. would cease to violate the deal even during Biden’s term, which is the heart of any agreement.

Biden said that he would fix America’s relations with Saudi Arabia. He promised to shun them, and promised that they would “pay the price,” that he would “make them in fact the pariah that they are.” But last week, Biden held bilateral talks with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto ruler of the kingdom.

While still campaigning to be president, Biden promised that he would “promptly reverse the failed Trump policies that have inflicted harm on the Cuban people and done nothing to advance democracy and human rights.”

Biden reversed everything after a year and a half. Biden is now a year behind the times. Biden’s policies look much more like Trump than Obama’s on Cuba.

Biden is not engaging in “relentless diplomatic” with Cuba. His administration voted against the near-unanimous U.N. resolution to finally end the blockade on Cuba. It has made moves toward keeping Cuba on the state-sponsors-of-terrorism list by listing Cuba as a country “not cooperating fully with United States anti-terrorism efforts.” It increased sanctions on several senior Cuban officials in the military and police, and Cuba expert William LeoGrande reports that the U.S. embassy in Havana “has taken a leading role supporting dissident activists, pushing the boundaries of what’s normally allowed under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.” Cuban journalist Rosa Miriam Elizalde reports that “in September, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) gave $6,669,000 in grants for projects aimed at ‘regime change’ in Cuba.”

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As with Cuba, calling the Trump administration’s policy on Venezuela “an abject failure,” Biden, while campaigning, promised to correct failed policies on Venezuela. But he has not eased the deadly sanctions that have caused tens of thousands of deaths. And he has continued, as recently as last month, to endorse coup leader Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela.

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Perhaps most importantly, but not breaking his promise, Biden kept the same trail of broken promises that began with President Clinton, by continuing to support NATO expansion east towards Russia’s borders. And on June 29, Biden blazed his own trail when he announced that he would establish a permanent headquarters for U.S. forces stationed in Poland. Biden announced that “the new base will be home to the first permanent U.S. forces on NATO’s eastern flank.”

A permanent home to U.S. forces on NATO’s eastern flank is a clear violation of the promise the U.S. made to Russia in 1997 in the NATO-Russia Founding Act on Mutual Relations, which promised that as NATO expanded east toward Russia, there would be no “permanent stationing of substantial combat forces.” Biden’s announcement of a permanent headquarters that “will include a command post, garrison, and field support battalion” breaks that promise at precisely the moment Biden should most be pursuing “relentless diplomacy.”

Biden broke his promise to reveal the identity of his government. This hasn’t been a bridge that can calmly resettle America onto the shores of normalcy. It also hasn’t returned America to diplomatic diplomacy. It has instead left behind a trail full of broken promises.

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