EXCLUSIVE – Sen. Barrasso Requires Information from DOE Concerning The Biden Admin’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve releases to China

Republican Wyoming Senator John Barrasso wrote Thursday to the Department of Energy asking for clarifications about recent oil releases from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. (SPR). The SPR was responsible for the release of crude oil into foreign countries including China.

The letter was sent to DOE Sec. Jennifer Granholm. Barrasso is asking for information about how China purchased oil from the U.S. strategic reserves. According to the Daily Caller

, a copy the letter obtained first by the Daily CallerPresident Joe Biden released millions of barrels from the SPR last month that ultimately went to foreign countries. In November, Biden ordered the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the SPR. He later released 30 million barrels on March 1, and 180 million barrels on March 31.

Continuity of energy independence and security won’t be achieved by supplying key oil resources to our enemies. In the letter, Barrasso stated that this will be achieved by empowering American energy producers in producing more energy.

Here Are The Questions Barrasso Is Asking The DOE:

  • In the case of the purchase of SPR reserves by Unipec America, the trading arm of Sinopec, the China Petrochemical Corporation, which is wholly owned by the Chinese government:
  • Why was this purchase approved?
  • Who is responsible for approving and soliciting bids for SPR purchase?

  • Please provide an in-depth, step-by–step description of Unipec’s buying process through the Department. This includes a review for conflicts of interest, a review about Unipec’s affiliation with the Chinese Communist Party, and any other documents.


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(DAILY CALLER OBTAINED) — … by Henry Rodgers

Barrasso called for answers to his questions by Aug. 3, 2022. (RELATED : EXCLUSIVE : Senator Josh Hawley Calls for Investigation Into Biden Admin’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve Releasing To China )

The Daily Caller contacted DOE regarding Barrasso’s letter, but they didn’t immediately reply.

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