White House responds after Biden suggests he has Cancer

A White House official attempted to clarify President Joe Biden’s comments on Wednesday, where he suggested that he had cancer and commented on the forthcoming round of climate-related executive action.

His comments were made in a speech on climate initiatives. He was describing emissions from the oil refineries close to his Delaware childhood home.

” I lived in an apartment building up the street when my family moved to Delaware. Just up the road is a school called Holy Rosary Grade School. It was four-lane highway so it was easy to get to. My mother also drove me rather than walking,” Biden stated. Guess what? “And guess what?

“That’s why I and so [expletive] many other people I grew up with have cancer and why, for the longest time, Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation,” Biden continued.

A White House official suggested on Twitter that Biden was talking about a report from a doctor who said he had not-melanoma, non-melanoma, skin cancers.

Confusion over Past and Present Tense

White House spokesman Andrew Bates retweeted Glenn Kessler, the editor and chief writer of the Washington Post’s fact-checker, who said that Biden disclosed in a recent medical report (pdf) that he had non-melanoma skin cancers removed. Kessler, meanwhile, criticized the Republican National Committee for highlighting Biden’s exact words.

“This is what the President was referring to,” Bates said in response to Biden’s comment.

But Biden’s Wednesday comment did not mention the doctor’s report. He used a present verb to describe his cancer experience. Others on social media also asked Kessler, Bates why the president did not use the past verb.

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Biden’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor issued last year a report stating that he had no current cancers. Non-melanoma was attributed to the time spent in sunlight rather than to exposure to chemical compounds due to oil production. It’s unclear why Biden blamed oil refineries for his cancer.

” “It’s well-established, that President Biden spent a lot of time in sunlight in his youth,” O’Connor wrote. Before he became president, he had several non-melanoma localized skin cancers treated with Mohs surgery. The doctor said that these lesions had been completely removed with no margins.”

O’Connor said that there are not any suspicious areas for skin cancer at the moment .”

Biden, 79, has stated that he intends to seek a second term in office amid questions about his health and mental capacity.

The Epoch Times reached out to the White House in an effort to get comment.


Jack Phillips, a reporter for breaking news at The Epoch Times with a New York office is

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